“A-Player” Experienced Blog Editor Wanted For Men’s Dating Advice Site

Wanted: Remote “A-Player” Blog Editor For Established Men’s Dating & Performance Site

We’re an established, profitable blog helping older guys to do better with women, both on dates and in the bedroom. Essentially, you’ll be helping lost men become better daters and lovers.

The site takes a mature (but in-depth) look at many different sexual issues and (at times) explicit sexual language / techniques. So if you’re uncomfortable with content of a sexual nature, this is probably not the job for you.

Our site currently gets over 200,000 monthly unique page views (over 70% of that is SEO), and we’re looking for someone to help take us to the next level.

As our Blog Editor, you’ll make sure we have the absolute best content on the site possible.

You’ll supervise (and add to) our team of freelance writers, make sure we have new content every day, and work with our Content Marketing Director to ensure that new readers turn into leads, and then into sales.

You’ll be immersed in our proven system to sell products and courses online through a content site, which will give you an excellent skillset as you move forward in the current economy.

We’re looking for someone with a growth mindset and a lot of brain horsepower who can grow this role into something akin to a Content Manager role on this side of the business, with bumps in pay commensurate with your impact on sales.

Some of the things you’ll do include:

  • Make sure an article goes out every single day (or multiple articles if you can swing it)
  • Working with our established in-house team to SEO content properly
  • Use your existing copywriting skills (or learn these from top-notch copywriters) to sell products online
  • Put together daily content digest emails designed to keep list members engaged and make sales
  • Learn direct response copywriting: gain the skills to sell products with your words (to the extent that you want to).

Skills That Will Make You a Great Fit For This Position Include:

  • Editing / converting “raw material” from freelancers into a proven format/style guide
  • The ability to “coach” writers to get closer to the style guide as time goes on
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • The ability to plan out and execute an ambitious editorial calendar (at least one article per day)
  • The ability to use data and analytics to guide future content planning: which articles do well? Which don't do so well?
  • A “growth mindset”–a curious mind that’s looking for new challenges constantly
  • Familiarity with email service providers (we use Maropost, so familiarity with that is a bonus)
  • Familiarity with Google Analytics, and the ability to use data to make big decisions about article topics
  • The ability to write engaging, “clickable” headlines
  • Familiarity with the market (dating tips for guys, as well as energy and performance for older guys) is a big plus, but not required if you’ve proven the ability to quickly pick up a new market.

Some benefits of the position include:

  • 100% remote team–work anywhere in the 4 major U.S. time zones.
  • Learn our proven system for creating a profitable blog that helps millions of people a year.
  • Access to courses, trainings, and seminars valued at over $55,000.
  • Chance for a semi-flexible work schedule once you prove your reliability
  • Once per year salary reviews
  • Chance to grow in this position to a Content Manager role down the road

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