Rob Palmer

  I am (probably) the world's first blogger and digital nomad. My mission is to help people create an online income so they can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone.


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How to Get the Cheapest Travel Insurance Quote with the Best Cover

Don't risk getting stranded without cover! Here's how we get low-cost travel insurance without compromising on benefits and payouts.Don’t Risk It!As our family travels...
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10 Quick Ways to Find Online Proofreading Jobs (Top-Dollar Pay)

​Discover how to win the best proofreading jobs that pay top dollar, are easy to do and allow you to work from home anywhere. Get Paid...
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20 Best Quick & Easy Side Hustles to Make $1000/m Extra in 2019

​Need extra money fast? See how people like you are cashing in with fun, high-paying side hustle gigs that anyone can do, anywhere. Top...
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How I Became the World’s First Blogger & Digital Nomad Pioneer

My story: from blogging innovator to two-generation digital nomad family. 25+ years of making money online and traveling the world. Blogging Before ‘Blogging’To be honest, it...
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77 Super Sites To Find Top-Dollar Freelance Writing Jobs Today

​Discover thousands of freelance writing jobs that pay high rates for fun, rewarding work. Never be short of paying gigs again. Ever. All Freelance Writing JobsFreelance...
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The Definitive Guide to Finding Freelance Jobs and Making Money

​Find thousands of high-paying freelance jobs and start making money online. Get instant access to work-at-home jobs you can start now. The Freelance Jobs MarketThere...
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Go Freelance, Make Money! Legit Work-from-Home Jobs to Start Now

​Discover how to go freelance and make a high income from the comfort of your own home. Follow a proven strategy to halve your work time...
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27 Ways to Find Paying Online Work-from-Home Jobs (As a Beginner)

​Get on the fast track to a work-at-home job that gives you financial freedom and the lifestyle of your dreams. Find a job you love online...
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Mentoring vs Coaching Explained: Definitions, Differences & Benefits

What's the difference between mentoring and coaching? And why is it important? Learn the key distinctions between these options. Mentoring vs Coaching“A lot of...
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