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If you have any experience as a blogger, you are in pole position to pick up some great freelance blogging jobs that can make you great money.

The Jobs for Bloggers Opportunity

Blogging is a great way to make a living, as many thousands of people have already discovered. There is every opportunity to make thousands of dollars a month – even tens of thousands of dollars a month – if you go about it the right way.

But let’s be honest…it takes time to create a serious income from blogging. You may find that it takes six months, or perhaps even a year or two, before you start making enough money to live off full time. So what do you do in the meantime? How are you going to pay the bills while you give your blog time to take off and grow?

For most people, the answer to that question is to keep working in a day job. But who the heck wants to do that? Working a regular job means spending perhaps an hour or two every day commuting to and from work. It means being stuck in some office cubbyhole all day, or perhaps doing some kind of rotten factory job. You are selling your life by the hour, and not getting much in return – certainly not enough income to get rich.

Hmmm…that sucks, right? But fortunately, there is another option – a way in which you can make good money without selling your soul. Yes, you can take the…


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The Freelance Blogging Jobs Option

The blogging boom has turned into a real explosion. There are now millions of bloggers around the world, not to mention tens of thousands of large companies that run corporate blogs. All of these blogs need fresh blog posts and other kinds of content. They also need input in areas such as:

  • Design, photography and illustration
  • Web development and programming
  • Web admin and virtual assistant support
  • Social media marketing

For you as an experienced blogger, this means real opportunity. You can earn great money doing freelance blogging jobs for businesses of every size. Many of them pay serious money, typically in the $200-$500 a day range. That’s better than you can get in most day jobs.

Better still, as you work on these projects, you will be improving your own blogging skills, which will help in developing your own blog. You may find out about new plugins, or marketing methods, or design ideas. Perhaps you will make contacts that may help you when you are working on your own blog.

Best of all, these freelance blogging jobs can be done from home in your own time. You don’t have to waste time commuting, and you can choose the hours you want to work. That means you can still keep plenty of time free to work on your own blogging business.

If you have any experience as a blogger, you are in pole position to pick up some great freelance blogging jobs that can make you great money.

Great Jobs for Bloggers

So what are the best kinds of freelance blogging jobs for you to look for?

#1. Writing Jobs for Bloggers

All blogs need content, so this is a great place to start. You can always find companies and bloggers who need help writing sponsored posts, or creating other content to go on their blogs.

You might be asked to help with writing scripts for videos or podcasts, or producing materials that can be used in marketing. There is always demand for writers who understand SEO and other aspects of writing content for use online.

#2. Admin and Virtual Assistant Jobs for Bloggers

If you know WordPress or other popular blogging platforms, there is definitely an opportunity to win gigs taking care of blogs. You may be asked to update plugins, check for issues and deal with other problems as they arise.

Many bloggers use virtual assistants to help them run their businesses. The VA may help with everything from answering emails to updating content, and a whole lot more. This is a great way to learn more about blogging by getting your feet wet in a real blogging environment.

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#3. Web Development Jobs for Bloggers

There is huge demand in the blogging world for people with technical skills. If you know JavaScript, PHP or other popular languages as a coder, you can certainly find work helping bloggers keep their websites running smoothly.

You might be asked to develop new WordPress plugins, or to write custom code for certain themes or purposes. A knowledge of WordPress will be a real asset in this kind of work, as this is by far the most popular blogging platform.

#4. Design, Photography and Illustration Jobs for Bloggers

Good design is critically important with today’s blogs, so there is a big opportunity to help bloggers with all kinds of design tasks. You may be required to help with working on themes, adding illustrations or finding the perfect stock photo for a picture.

If you have a flair for design, you may find that a whole web design business grows out of this kind of work. When bloggers find someone they like to work with, they are inclined to strike up a long-term partnership. This can really work to your advantage.

#5. Marketing Jobs for Bloggers

A blog is nothing without visitors, so marketing is critically important for bloggers. If you have good blog marketing skills, you will have no trouble find clients who are prepared to pay you good money. Deliver results in terms of more traffic, and you will soon have more work than you can handle.

Search engine optimization is still very important to bloggers, and there are huge opportunities to pick up work in this niche. But you may also find work helping out with social media marketing, Facebook advertising, creating a Pinterest strategy or other related topics.

Finding Freelance Jobs for Bloggers

So as you can see, there are plenty of jobs for bloggers out there. All you have to do is connect with the right companies at the right time. Of course, that can be harder than you might think…unless you know the right place to go.

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