Freelance SEO Services: How to Win Lucrative Search Engine Optimization Contracts

Discover how you can pick up multiple high-value freelance SEO contracts and make thousands of dollars a month from search engine optimization.

Making Money from Freelance SEO Services

If you have some skills and experience in search engine optimization (SEO), then you need never be short of work. There are countless companies, corporations, bloggers and marketers who are crying out for professional help with SEO.

The simple fact is that business is moving online in an extraordinary way. Even businesses that are well established in the bricks and mortar business world are being forced to develop an online presence. And of course, every website needs visitors in order to thrive. While paid advertising is an option, it is an expensive one – if you have paying $1-$5 dollars per click to get traffic, you need a very good sales conversion system to stay profitable.

By contrast, search engine optimization is a no-brainer as a traffic generating technique. First of all, the costs are low compared to the potential return. Secondly, traffic from organic search tends to convert very well. After all, these are people who are actively searching for products and services to buy…they are sure to be serious potential customers. And lastly, the volume of search traffic is growing exponentially, mainly due to the amazing growth of mobile searches. We just can’t live without our smartphones!

All of this means opportunity for you if you have the search engine optimization skills that companies need. You just need to figure out a strategy to capitalize on the possibilities.


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The Benefits of Freelance SEO Services for Clients

There are three main ways companies can hire search engine optimization skills:

  • Employ a full-time SEO expert
  • Contract with a larger search engine optimization firm
  • Hire SEO services from a freelancer

The first of these two options may work fine for large companies, but they are prohibitively expensive for many smaller companies. That makes the third option – hiring a freelance SEO consultant – the best option in most cases.

This allows companies to get quality freelance SEO services without having to pay for big company office overheads, employee benefits and other expenses. They are getting good value for money, so they are happy to pay decent rates – provided you can deliver results.

Discover how you can pick up multiple high-value freelance SEO contracts and make thousands of dollars a month from search engine optimization.

The Benefits of Freelance SEO Services for Freelancers

If you are a freelance SEO consultant – or interested in becoming one – it’s easy to see why this option is so attractive. For a start, there are virtually endless work possibilities. Thousands of companies need help with search engine optimization to get the traffic they need for their businesses.

Each contract can be worth anywhere from $500 to $5000 per month. And the work is ongoing – search engine optimization work never stops. So with a few good clients on a monthly retainer, you could make easily make $10,000 a month in income…or perhaps much more.

What’s more, you get a great lifestyle, too. No commuting into some crummy office every day. You get to work from your own home or office – or from anywhere where you can get online. You can make great money working from Starbucks or even from the beach…it’s entirely up to you.

Finding Freelance SEO Services Clients

That all sounds great…but how do you actually find work? Fortunately, there are several ways to do that. The easiest one is to sign up with the major freelance marketplaces and look for work there. You will find there are many companies looking for SEO specialists to work on all kinds of projects. Sometimes the competition can be fierce, but there are certainly opportunities to pick up lucrative contracts this way.

How to Get Paid to Write at Home and Make Great Money

However, it is also a good idea to have a website to advertise your services. This helps to show people what you can do, and allows you to showcase the results you have obtained for other clients. And let’s be honest, it always comes down to proof of page one rankings. Clients will always want to see what you have done for other companies. The more proof you have of your ability to deliver results, the easier you will find it to pick up other clients.

Another great way to find clients is through referrals. Be sure to ask your existing clients to refer you to other people who could help you. Not asking for referrals is one of the biggest mistakes most SEO freelancers make. People would much rather hire someone who is recommended, rather than pick a company at random. For the same reason, be sure to ask your existing clients for testimonials, and be sure to highlight these on your website.

Tips for SEO Freelancers

Remember that the easiest way to increase your profits as an SEO freelancer is to retain clients for as long a period as possible. They say it is six times cheaper to retain an existing client than to replace that client with a new one.

Consequently, it is essential that you deliver the best possible service to every client. Don’t make the common mistake of starting a new contract with great enthusiasm, and then losing interest. Many search engine optimization consultants make the mistake of chasing after new clients constantly, while neglecting the clients they already have. This is a very expensive mistake. If you take good care of the clients you have, you will not only get lots of repeat business from them each month, they will also refer you to other clients without you even asking. This is the holy grail of marketing freelance SEO services.

Finally, don’t be afraid to charge decent rates for your work. If you are good SEO consultant, the work you do for your clients can make them huge amounts of money. It is only fair that you should be compensated properly for the professional work you do. Don’t try to compete with the low-ballers on the freelance marketplaces who offer to do work for peanuts. Serious clients know that professional SEO consultants will charge higher rates for their work. They will expect to pay professional rates in order to get professional results.

Freelance SEO Services on GoFreelance

At GoFreelance, we have seen a growing demand for freelance SEO services from companies both large and small. We are always looking for good SEO consultants to recommend to our clients. The best way to get started is to sign up for trial membership and see how this works out for you. You may be amazed at how easy it is to pick up lucrative freelance SEO services contracts.


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