How to Grow Your Facebook Audience Fast without Buying Ads

Facebook is a great way to reach people and promote your blog, products or services, but Facebook marketing can be difficult – here’s how to do it.

Powerful Strategies for Growing Your Facebook Audience

Marketing on Facebook can be frustrating, right?

We all know the potential is there. After all, we are talking about a company with well over a billion users – the biggest social network by far, and the one that gives us the biggest opportunity to connect with our potential audience. Your customers are on Facebook, and you need to reach them there.

A few years ago, it all seemed so easy. All you had to do was create your Facebook page, and post a few status updates. Your fans would see them, and you would get great results.

Then Facebook organic reach stared declining. Instead of reaching all or your fans, your posts only reached some of them. And that percentage just kept on declining – from 50%, to 20%, to 10%...and even worse. It seemed that the only way to reach your audience on Facebook was to pay for Facebook ads…and that could soon get expensive.


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So, many marketers gave up on Facebook and moved onto the next shiny object. But that is a big mistake, because Facebook is still an awesome marketing tool if you know how to use it.

The decline in organic reach is actually a good thing – because Facebook is now showing your content only to those people who actually want to see it. The result is that you get a more engaged audience, not to mention less competition.

So let’s look at how you can turn this to your advantage.

Easy Ways to Grow Your Facebook Page Quickly without Advertising

The important thing to remember is that organic reach is far from dead. The difference now is that Facebook is looking for content that people will engage with. So many brands are seeing poor organic reach because they are doing nothing more than promote their own products and services. In other words, they are using Facebook to push ads at people.

Do you like being blatantly advertised to? No, I bet you don’t – and neither do most people on the planet. So companies that advertise aggressively see their organic reach decline to almost zero.

However, companies that build an engaged community can do awesomely well. If you publish content that people want to see and engage with, then you are on the road to success.

So in today’s world, maximizing engagement is the key to success. And despite what the doomsayers will tell you, it is possible to get not just good reach, but amazing reach. For example, Britany Ann is a blogger has succeeded in getting Facebook posts with engagement of 174%, 1952% and even 25,536%. And if that isn’t incredible enough, she had one post that achieved an extraordinary reach of 1,737,979%!

What does that amazing number mean, exactly? It means that her posts went viral, and so Facebook gave her reach that went far beyond her existing fans. It’s easy to see how you can attract new fans with numbers like that, right?

So let’s look at how you can do this, too.

Let's look at how you can improve your results...

#1. Optimize Your Page

Let’s start with the basics. If you want people to engage with your page, it needs to be in good shape. That means ensuring your page is complete, with a great cover photo, interesting content and all your contact details, etc. filled out.

#2. Avoid Buying Likes

If you have been considering buying likes to help your page grow, think again. If you buy likes from a third-party supplier (such as the ones on, then you are buying fake likes that will do you more harm than good. Because these people will never engage with your posts, they will harm your engagement rates and decrease your reach.

#3. Find Good Content to Share

The key to getting good engagement is finding awesome content to share. Fortunately, there are a number of tools we can use to help us do this.

If your page has more than 100 likes, you can add some of your competitor’s pages in the Insights section. Go to Insights and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Add your hottest competitors under Pages to Watch. You can then view their best-performing content of the last week, which will help you to understand what content people in your niche like to engage with.

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Another fantastic resource is, which shows you want content is being shared around the web. Even with a free BuzzSumo account, you can get amazing insights into what is popular on website your niche, or on your competitor’s websites.

A great tool to complement this is, which gives you insights into what is performing well on your competitors’ Facebook pages.

#4. Post Regularly

If you want to grow your community, you need to be posting regularly. The easiest way to do this is to use a scheduling tool like Buffer. A while back, there were some disadvantages to doing this, but these have now disappeared. I use Buffer to schedule content to Facebook and Twitter every day, and have seen no downsides to using it.

Don’t worry too much about finding the best time to post. Nowadays, Facebook will ‘drip feed’ content to your audience over many hours, even several days. So it is better to have several posts spread throughout the day, rather than try to post everything at what you think is the best time for your community.

What Should You Post?

You need to look for content that people will want to engage with, but which is also relevant to your audience. So you should not be posting funny cat videos if you are running a Facebook page for a life insurance company. But if you can find a viral video that is relevant to your niche, then go for it!

Quotes and inspirational messages are always insanely popular, and can really help with your engagement rates. Intersperse these with posts from your blog and other relevant content, to keep things mixed up.

Be wary of promotional posts, especially ones that use commercial terms such as ‘sale’ or ‘discount’. These can lead to your posts being downgraded in terms of reach. You get a full list of these ‘trigger words’ here.

Increasing Engagement

Remember to get involved in your own community. You could post the first comment on a post to get things moving, perhaps by asking a question that people will want to reply to. This works great on controversial topics where people have a strong opinion one way or the other. Stay involved with the conversation, adding replies to comments.

While this article is primarily about growing your Facebook page for free, you should grab a good opportunity when you see one. If you find that a status update starts to take off and go viral, you really want to capitalize on that opportunity.

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Consider spending some money to boost that post with Facebook ads. Because the post is getting good engagement, Facebook will give you greater advertising reach for the same money. So even a $20 spend could really pay dividends.

Invite ‘Likers’ to Join Your Page

Very often, people will like a particular post, but without liking your actual page. To bring them into your community and reach them in future, you need to get them to like your page, too. There is an easy way to do this, by using your personal Facebook profile to invite people to your page. You can find full details on how to do this here. This option is switched off when you reach 100,000 likes.

In this article, we have barely scratched the surface of what you can do to build your Facebook audience. But there is a great way to get more information. Remember Brittany Ann, the lady who got a mind-boggling Facebook post engagement rate? She has been kind enough to disclose all the techniques she used to get those results in Strategies Worth Sharing.

I bought it, and I learned a heck of a lot…and I would recommend it to anyone. These are the exact strategies she used to grow her page from 2,000 fans to 100,000 fans in just five months. Currently her page has over 150,000 fans, so these strategies really are worth sharing!

Facebook is still a truly awesome platform for building your business. Start implementing your new Facebook strategies today, and you, too, could have 100,000 fans (or more) just a few months from now.

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