Ten Quick & Easy Ways to Make Extra Money without a Real Job

Why make money the hard way when you can do it the easy way? There are lots of ways to make money from side hustles, home-based jobs and part-time gigs.

Escape the Rat Race

We are all brought up to believe that the only sensible way to make a living is to get a job and try to climb the career ladder. That may have been true back in the day, but it is out-of-date advice now. The world has moved on, and now there are lots of cool ways you can make money without ever getting a real job.

Thanks to the Internet, smartphones and other technology, we can make money doing all kinds of interesting things. And there still some good, old-fashioned methods of making that we can leverage, too. Put all this together, and you have a fantastic opportunity to make a living in the way that suits you best.

Here are ten quick and easy ways you can make extra money, without ever having to get a real job:


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#1: Drive for Uber

If you need a flexible and convenient way of making extra cash, driving for Uber should be top of your list. Once you are approved as a driver, making money is easy. You simply log onto the app and start taking fares. When you want to finish for the day, you simply log off.

The rates of pay with Uber are generally good. But if you arrange to work during busy times, you can really make a killing. Uber’s surge pricing pushes prices up at peak times, to get more drivers on the road. On a Friday or Saturday night, you can make hundreds of dollars. And if you really want a boatload of cash, work on New Year’s Eve…fares go through the roof!

#2: Sell Clutter and Unwanted Gifts

I bet you have a room in your house where you keep all the junk that you never use. Maybe it’s the basement, the attic or a spare bedroom. Wherever it is, it is probably full of unused exercise machines, Christmas gifts and relics of forgotten hobbies. Now is your chance to turn all that unwanted junk into cash…and free up some space in your home at the same time.

My rule is simple. If I haven’t used an item for 12 months, I will probably never use it ever again. So out it goes. I sell these items on eBay or in garage sales. Sometimes I get a really good price for unwanted items, sometimes just a few bucks. But either way, it is all hard cash that I can spend on more important things.

Why make money the hard way when you can do it the easy way? There are lots of ways to make money from side hustles, home-based jobs and part-time gigs.

#3: Do Customer Service from Home

You will be amazed at how many big companies use work-at-home staff for customer service positions these days. If you call to book a hotel or a car rental, you can bet that you are being put through to someone who works from the comfort of their own home…and gets well paid to do it.

You can do this, too. Just look out for job postings on sites such as Indeed.com. Sometimes there are restrictions on which states they will hire people from, and you need to have a computer and Internet connection. But if you meet those basic requirements, you can start making extra money from your kitchen table.

#4: Get Paid for Doing Surveys

Yes, you can get paid to surveys. Although there are some scams around, there are lots of genuine companies, too. We have listed some of the best, legitimate survey sites in this article. You can join these sites very easily, and they will help you earn money for taking simple surveys.

There are thousands of companies who use these survey sites to get feedback on their products and services. They are prepared to pay good money to people who provide their opinion. Take advantage of this, and make extra money doing paid surveys.

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#5: Sell Your Unused Gift Cards

Retailers love to sell gift cards, because they know that a high percentage of them never get redeemed – it’s free money for them! If you get given gift cards for Christmas or any other occasion, don’t put them in a drawer and forget about them.

If you don’t have a real reason to use them, then you can sell them on a site like Raise.com. This is a really easy way to get money from an asset that will otherwise become worthless within a few months.

#6: Start a Freelance Business

If you have any skills as a writer, designer, photographer, proof reader – or any other talent – then you can make great money by starting your own freelance business. This is a business that you can launch from home with next to no money. But some freelancers have gone on to grow their business into huge agencies.

To get started, just sign up with a site like Freelancer.com. You could start picking up lucrative jobs within days, and be well on your way to a great side income – or even a whole new career.

#7: Test Drive Cars as a Mystery Shopper

Imagine this. You get to drive cool new cars and see how good they are…and you get paid to do it! There are several websites such as BestMark.com where you can sign up as a mystery shopper and make money for checking out new vehicles.

This is a fun job, but it can be very profitable, too. It may also lead to other mystery shopping opportunities, where you can make good money for trying things out.

#8: Rent Out Your Designer Clothes

So ladies…let’s be honest. You’ve got a closet with a bunch of designer dresses that you haven’t worn for ages. They are just sitting there, gathering dust, right?

Now it’s time to turn them into a cash-generating asset. You can use a site like Rent the Runway to make money by loaning out these valuable fashion items. So now you can get extra cash for items that are just sitting in your closet. Better still, you can explain to the man in your life that buying expensive dresses is not a waste of money…it’s an investment!

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#9: Get Paid to Housesit

Housesitting is not only a way to make extra money, it’s a very interesting one. You get to live someone else’s life for a few weeks, which can be fascinating. It’s also a great way to travel and see the world on a shoestring budget.

You can use a website like Trusted Housesitters to find housesitting gigs. You will be amazed at how many opportunities there are all over the world. This is a fantastic way to make some money while doing something fun, too.

#10: Start a Money-Making Blog

This is my favorite option…because I know how well it works! For me, blogging has been a total game changer. It has given me and my family the opportunity to live an amazing life and transform our finances.

Best of all, it’s so easy to start. You can start a blog for just a few bucks and be on your way to a very healthy income in no time. I definitely recommend this as a proven way to make extra money. Start today, and you could be making thousands of dollars a month in no time. Don’t just sit there…start right now!

A Wealth of Options

So now you have some ideas to get you started. But remember, these are just a few examples of the things you can do to make more cash. There are hundreds of quick and easy ways to make extra money without getting a real job. Try a few of the ideas we have discussed and see how easy it is.


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