Customer Sales & Support

Full Job Description
Pacific Medical Training is seeking a professional and well-spoken person to join us.

This role will be responsible for working with our customers to sell and support our medical training products. A typical day will include reviewing a list of 50 customers and texting+calling+emailing them to enroll them in our course. You will get many voicemails, keep going! In between this, you may have some incoming calls or other projects to work on.

This is a part time role, 4 hours per day / 5 days per week. You will need to have an iPhone with an unlimited US calling plan, or a calling plan through Skype with a US phone number and text capability.

We are in the New York time zone and your work time can be set between 9:30 AM and 4 PM.

This role is open for remote working.

Main responsibilities

  • Respond to phone calls and provide helpful customer service
  • Prepare daily mailing of course cards and educational mailings
  • Text/call/email all past students to remind them to renew their certifications with us (sales oriented)
  • Collect CPR expiration dates from providers and input into our database
  • Triage issues to appropriate teammates who work remotely that fall under their area of expertise


  • Strong communication and phone skills — well spoken, outgoing, enthusiastic, helpful
  • Computer skills — work on MAC laptop to retrieve and update information from spreadsheets, and send texts
  • Problem solving skills
  • Professionalism
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