Edit B2B Blog ( Work from Home Position )

We're a content marketing agency that specializes in producing educational and practical B2B content. 

We’re looking for a blog editor who has a solid understanding of SEO and content marketing. You’ll be editing and rewriting blog posts geared towards businesses. Topics include small business management, business software, sales, marketing, etc. 

What we need + how we'll work together

  • You’ll be provided with keywords or topics that we need content for.
  • As the blog editor, you’ll be tasked with doing some general SEO and content research and come up with an outline for each keyword/topic. 
  • Once you have the outline, you’ll fill out a content brief and assign it to one of the freelance writers we’re working with. 
  • You’ll be in charge of communicating and coordinating with writers in ensuring their work meets the article’s specifications and the draft is delivered on time. 
  • You'll edit the articles to ensure they meet our brand guidelines and that the content is optimized for SEO. You may need to rewrite the content if necessary. 

Skills / Qualifications

  • Experience in crafting content marketing / SEO pieces in the B2B and tech space
  • Familiarity with Google Docs, Ahrefs, and Clearscope preferred
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