Rob Palmer: The World's First Blogger & Digital Nomad

Guest info: traveling the world for over 20 years, making money online to fund amazing adventures. 

Great Stories and Ideas to Share

Living the digital nomad life for 20 years and loving it!

Looking for an entertaining guest who can inspire your audience to achieve amazing things? I'm here to help. I have fascinating tales to tell, but there's more... 

I also inspire people to quit their rotten job and do what they love - turning their passion into a rewarding and profitable online business....so they can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone.


My Story: Pioneering Digital Freedom

My life changed on the day I survived drowning (in a boating accident) by the skin of my teeth. One minute I thought I was about to die - then a last-minute rescue gave me a second chance at life. 

I quit my job the day I nearly drowned.

I decided I wasn’t going to waste my second chance on a career I hated. I quit my rotten day job the same day and set up shop as a writer. Over time, I became (probably) the world’s first blogger and digital nomad. You can read about how that happened here.

Thanks to running an online business that I love, I have been able to travel the world with my family for over 20 years. Along the way, I have had some amazing adventures, including: 

  • Getting arrested for ‘smuggling’ a single banana (ouch!) 
  • Catching venomous snakes for a wildlife charity (scary but fun!)
  • Motorbiking the 800 mountain bends from Chiang Mai to Pai (fun!) 
  • Destroying half a Buddhist abbott’s worldly possessions (sorry!)
  • Enjoying a rooftop spa bath in Budapest (great views!)
  • ‘Flying’ in a ‘helicopter’ tuk-tuk through Bangkok (don’t ask!)
  • Seeing the Space Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral (amazing!)
  • Getting soaked in the world’s biggest water fight (love Songkran!)
  • Going on the run from the Vietnamese police (I can explain!)
  • A road trip along Route 66 (got my kicks!)

After two decades of this 21st-century lifestyle, I am still enjoying it as much as ever. I am looking forward to new adventures in both travel and business.

Today, I am based in beautiful Thailand, but travel extensively around the world with my grown-up children - two of whom run online businesses themselves. We are a two-generation digital nomad family!

I still love to travel and see the world

Retirement? Forget it! When you do a job you love, you never need to retire. I intend to keep living my life this way until we become a 3-generation digital nomad family...and then some!

My Ideas: Live a Life You Love!

I would love to share my thoughts on how the people in your audience can achieve transformation in their lives. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a square peg in a round hole. You can shape a hole just the way you like it, and slip yourself into it!

I inspire people to:

  • Quit their rotten job and do what they love 
  • Get paid to pursue their passion and change the world
  • Deliver value that's worth 10x the price they charge
  • Create true financial freedom 
  • Go anywhere, do anything and be anyone!

My message is that you don’t have to be trapped in your current life. Thanks to online opportunities, you can start a new life at any age. And no-one can stop you!

Business Stories

Here are some of my business experiences that would make interesting topics for discussion:

  • going from Millionaire's Row to the bankruptcy court and back again (bootstrapping from zero after being wiped out in the 2008 Global Financial Crisis)
  • creating a ClickBank product that did a million dollars of sales in a single day
  • Working on joint-venture projects with my sons (my favorite people to do business with)

Networking with my son at the ClickBank Platinum Summit

Other Interests

Although my online business interests and family commitments keep me busy, I squeeze in enough time to:

  • win speaking contests at Toastmasters (aiming to become the World Champion of Public Speaking!) 
  • run in half-marathons (the full marathon is next on my list)
  • perform stand-up comedy from Sydney to Shanghai
  • play bass guitar live with bands around Thailand (fun!) 
  • make up crazy stuff with Improv groups in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Get in Touch

I am an experienced public speaker/contributor, and can generally be available at short notice if you have a slot to fill. 

You can contact me using the information below, or just book a meeting right with the link below (either for an interview, or a general chat).

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