Rob Palmer: The World's First Blogger & Digital Nomad?​​​​

Guest info: traveling the world for over 20 years, making money online to fund amazing adventures. 

Living the digital nomad life for 20 years and loving it!

Great Ideas & Stories to Share

Looking for an entertaining guest who can inspire your audience to achieve amazing things? I'm here to help. I have fascinating tales to tell, but there's more... 

I also inspire people to quit their rotten job and do what they love - turning their passion into a rewarding and profitable online they can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone.

To find out how I became (probably) the world's first blogger and digital nomad,  click here to read the full story.

Here are some examples of podcast episodes I have appeared on recently:

And here are some of my interviews on respected shows such as Ryan Robinson's 'The Side Hustle Show,' Marc Guberti's 'Breakthrough Success' and 'The Six-Figure Podcast:'

My Story: Pioneering Digital Freedom

My life changed on the day I survived drowning (in a boating accident) by the skin of my teeth. One minute I thought I was about to die - then a last-minute rescue gave me a second chance at life. 

I quit my job the day I nearly drowned

I decided I wasn’t going to waste my second chance on a career I hated. I quit my rotten day job the same day and set up shop as a writer. Over 30 years later, I continue to write every day and love my career in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

Thanks to running an online business that I love, I have been able to travel the world with my family for over 20 years. Along the way, I have had some amazing adventures, including:

  • Getting arrested for ‘smuggling’ a single banana (ouch!)
  • Catching venomous snakes for a wildlife charity (scary but fun!)
  • Motorbiking the 800 mountain bends from Chiang Mai to Pai (fun!)
  • Destroying half a Buddhist Abbott’s worldly possessions (sorry!)
  • Enjoying a rooftop spa bath in Budapest (great views!)
  • ‘Flying’ in a ‘helicopter’ tuk-tuk through Bangkok (don’t ask!)
  • Seeing the Space Shuttle launch from Cape Canaveral (amazing!)
  • Getting soaked in the world’s biggest water fight (love Songkran!)
  • Going on the run from the Vietnamese police (I can explain!)
  • A road trip along Route 66 (got my kicks!)

After two decades of this 21st-century lifestyle, I am still enjoying it as much as ever. I am looking forward to new adventures in both travel and business.

Today, I am based in beautiful Thailand, but travel extensively around the world with my grown-up children - two of whom run online businesses themselves. We are a two-generation digital nomad family!

I still love to travel and see the world...

Retirement? Forget it! When you do a job you love, you never need to retire. I intend to keep living my life this way until we become a 3-generation digital nomad family...and then some!

My Ideas: Live a Life You Love!

I would love to share my thoughts on how the people in your audience can achieve transformation in their lives. Nowadays, you don’t have to be a square peg in a round hole. You can shape a hole just the way you like it, and slip yourself into it!

inspire people to:


  • Quit their rotten job and do what they love 
  • Get paid to pursue their passion and change the world
  • Deliver value that's worth 10x the price they charge
  • Create true financial freedom 
  • Go anywhere, do anything and be anyone!

My message is that you don’t have to be trapped in your current life. Thanks to online opportunities, you can start a new life at any time. And no-one can stop you!

Business Stories

My background is as a direct-response copywriter, working on high-profile copywriter for many major hi-tech corporations, including: 

More recently, I have helped direct-response copywriters create highly-successful products on platforms such as ClickBank.

Here are some of my business experiences that would make interesting topics for discussion:

  • How I became a 'secret weapon' that hit $523 million in sales and saved hundreds of lives  
  • Why my campaign for Apple was so successful their lawyers had to close it down
  • How I helped my 14-year old son launch a multi-million dollar business
  • The secrets of working with top online marketers to create best-selling products
  • What I've learned about building a virtual business, motivating and managing a 100% remote team across five continents.

Networking with my son Ben at the ClickBank Platinum Summit

I still love what I do, and appreciate having the opportunity to connect with the world's smartest entrepreneurs at online business events and conferences around the globe. Many of them are extraordinary experiences, especially ClickBank events:

Other Interests

Although my online business interests and family commitments keep me busy, I squeeze in enough time to:

  • win speaking contests at Toastmasters (aiming to become the World Champion of Public Speaking!) 
  • run in half-marathons (the full marathon is next on my list
  • perform stand-up comedy from Sydney to Shanghai
  • play bass guitar live with bands around Thailand (fun!)
  • make up crazy stuff with Improv groups in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

Get in Touch

I am an experienced public speaker/contributor, and can generally be available at short notice if you have a slot to fill.

You can contact me using the information below, or just book a meeting right with the link below (either for an interview, or a general chat).

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Tel: +1 415 854 9589

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