Hiring Associate Product Manager

As an Associate Product Manager (APM), you’ll help your product team execute well and ship great product experiences. You’ll work closely with the Product Manager as well as Engineering, Design, and Marketing to translate complex business problems into simple solutions that our team builds.
During your time, you’ll get hands-on experience with a breadth of product work. The types of work you’ll be involved in will depend on the product team you join but all of our teams solve problems that touch engagement, user experience, ad tech, and monetization. You’ll receive constant mentorship, guidance, and management from a Product Manager who will work with you to grow your product and leadership skills.

Within a year of joining as an APM, you’ll be expected to grow into a Product Manager role where you’ll lead a dedicated product team, define the team’s strategies and roadmap, and help the team execute well. Your time as an APM will follow two main  to help you get there:

Months 0 – 6 | Product Execution

This period is all about getting to know Current and helping your team execute smoothly. You’ll find yourself:

  • Learning the details of Current. You’ll spend your first few weeks working on various teams at Current and understanding our culture, product strategy, and processes. Then, you’ll eventually settle on a single team for the duration of your APM program.
  • Gathering and sharing product requirements. You’ll work with your PM to review Product Briefs, break them down into User Stories, and share with the Engineers on your team.
  • Preparing and helping run sprints. Current builds software in 2-week sprints. You’ll work with your Engineers to estimate and update your User Stories, break them down, and group them into achievable workloads for 2 weeks. You’ll work closely with your team’s Engineers to find and resolve issues quickly to ensure a smooth release.

Months 6 – 12 | Customer Insight and Experimentation

Once your team is running smoothly, your responsibility will grow. You’ll begin spending more time on understanding our customers’ needs, measuring product performance, and evaluating the impact of your team’s work. You’ll find yourself:

  • Conducting user surveys and interviews. You’ll work with your PM to design and conduct surveys and interviews. You’ll understand how customers engage with Current and use this information to inform product decisions.
  • Designing and running product experiments. You’ll familiarize yourself with the science of A/B testing and will learn to use our data tools. This will allow you to design and run experiments to measure the impact of your team’s initiatives.
  • Guiding your team’s strategy, priorities and roadmap. You’ll use your newfound customer insight to have input on your team’s strategy, priorities, and longer term roadmap, which you’ll communicate to your team.
Months 12+ | Graduation

Once you ‘graduate’ from the program, you’ll become a full-fledged Product Manager at Current. Your responsibility will continue to grow and change throughout your time here!
The Associate Product Manager role is a full-time contract position with the intention of converting you into a full-time (W2) employee as a Product Manager by the end of the program. This position is a remote position and would follow the timezone of our company headquarters (Chicago, CST, GMT-6).

We’d Love To Talk To You If You Are…

  • Excited by our mission and company!
  • Incredibly organized and detail-oriented
  • Excited to break into a Product Management role
  • User-centric and solve problems by starting from a place of empathy
  • An excellent communicator and are able to build strong relationships with others
  • Constantly learning and growing, inside and outside of work
  • Passionate about product management
  • Eager to join a fast-moving startup
  • Comfortable with ambiguity, speed, and a little bit of chaos every now and then

It’s A Bonus If You Are…

  • Comfortable getting technical with Engineers
  • Experienced working on product team in the consumer space

Interview Process

The interview consists of a 30-minute phone screen with a Product Manager, a 1-hour product skills interview, and a virtual onsite with a mix of Engineers, Product Managers, and Senior Leadership interviews.

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