Hiring Grade 1 Teacher (Remote) LTS 2/1/2021-June 2021

The successful candidate must have the ability to: create a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of students plan and implement lessons based on the curriculum that meets the needs and abilities of students to whom assigned utilize specific instructional strategies and practices that allow for the differentiation of instruction to meet the needs, interests, and abilities of various learners use instructional technology appropriately and work with students to facilitate their use of instructional technology use reasoning ability to evaluate assessment data and determine/recommend an appropriate course of action use contemporary professional literature, evidence-based research, and continuing education content to make practice decision establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, staff and the community establish and implement classroom rules and expectations for classroom behavior that maintain order in the classroom work collaboratively with colleagues, students and families communicate clearly and concisely both in oral and written form effectively present information and respond to questions from groups including staff, parents and the general public work independently, prioritize tasks and manage several projects simultaneously perform duties with awareness of all district requirements, state and federal laws, and Grafton Public Schools policies work with students of diverse backgrounds with diverse needs in an equitable and inclusive manner plan, coordinate, conduct and participate in ongoing professional and staff development. other duties as assigned by the building principal

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