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"Flexible hours, great rates of pay, interesting projects - all done from anywhere in the world...what more could you possibly want?."

Now Seeking Dependable Freelancers to Work on Projects for Quality Clients Worldwide

If you have writing, creative, marketing or admin skills, we would love to hear from you. As leaders i the field of freelance recruitment, we currently have more work than we can handle. To get the job done, we need great freelancers to help us out on a wide range of projects – and great rates of pay are on offer to the right people.

We are always looking for great home-based professionals to join us. Right now, we are looking to work with great people who can undertake freelance work in specialisms such as:

  • Article Writing  - producing quality articles for use online and offline.
  • Creating Blog and Web Content - helping websites worldwide produce awesome blog posts and more.
  • Advertising & PR Copywriting  - developing lead pages and sales copy that converts visitors to customers.
  • Social Media and Online Marketing - leveraging the power of online business to spread the word about great product around the world.
  • Creative Writing - working with publishers to create short stories, novels and other creative content in the fiction category.
  • Journalism - writing articles, features and news stories for publication in both offline and online magazines, news publications and other media.
  • VA & Administrative Support - working as a virtual assistant to help companies deal with admin and clerical duties.
  • Books & Reports - Writing full-length publications such as books, eBooks and market research reports for publishers and corporations worldwide. 
  • Editing & Proofreading - ensuring the quality of published content by thorough professional review and checking. 
  • Speech & Script Writing  - writing speeches, video scripts, multimedia presentations and other materials for global companies and corporations.

If you have skills in any of these areas – or in any other freelance discipline – then come and join us. We will show you how to make rates of pay that typically start at $200 per day and can go up to $500 per day for specialist work.

You can check out all the jobs we currently have available...so get started below right now to begin a new and lucrative home-based freelance career:

Work at Home Jobs: Hiring Now!

Freelance for $200-$500 per Day

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Who We Are: An Experienced Name in Freelance Recruitment

GoFreelance has a history of connecting clients with freelance talent that goes back to the year 2000. We have been consistently successful in helping freelancers find high-paying jobs and projects. If you would like to make great money working from your own home, you are in the right place.

​Thousands of companies around the world hire freelance writers and other professionals to help with their corporate projects. Many publishers make extensive use of freelancers to create the content they need. So there are always opportunities for good people to make money. 

Working with the Biggest and the Best

We work with the world's most successful corporations.

As a freelancer in today's world, you have the opportunity to work with the world's biggest companies. Major global corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Citibank and AT&T all use freelancers to get things done. We also post jobs from work with a wealth of smaller companies, ranging from entrepreneurial startups to household names and brand owners.  

Many of our freelancers and clients have been working with us consistently for many years. We have great long-term relationships that benefits both parties. We are always looking for both new client companies and new freelance talent to help us.

Who Are We Looking For?

We are looking for people to work with us on a freelance basis on a wide range of projects. Applications are welcome from suitable people anywhere in the world. In addition to seeking the right skills and experience for particular projects, we look for people who are:

  •  Reliable and dependable:  We insist on quality service to our clients.
  • Able to access the Internet regularly to work on projects as required.
  •  Capable of working on projects without supervision from home or any other remote location.
  • Self-starters who can work flexible hours and hit deadlines and project milestones.

The Benefits of Joining GoFreelance

At GoFreelance, we understand that our success depends on our member's success. Because of this, we aim to offer great benefits to everyone who joins. When you register with us, you will enjoy:

  1. Instant access to a great range of freelance jobs with all the work you need to build a successful freelance career.
  2. A home-based business that allows you to plan your work around your family and your social life.
  3. Great rates of pay that typically range from $200 to $500 per day - sometimes more for specialist project work.
  4. Flexible hours so that you can work the hours the best suit your family and your lifestyle.
  5. Interesting and rewarding work on high-profile projects for major corporate clients.

A Truly Virtual Team Means a Truly Awesome Lifestyle

GoFreelance is a cutting-edge organization that makes the best use of today’s technology to run a truly virtual business. We have employees, freelancers and clients all over the world, connected by advanced communications and sharing technology.

For you, freelancing means a real opportunity to escape the office cubicle and the frustrations of corporate life. Forget commuting two hours a more every day…as a freelance professional you can work from home – or from anywhere where you can get online.

If you want to work on your laptop in Starbucks, or using your phone while lying on the beach, that’s fine. Clients measure success by productivity and results – not by hours spent in some office.

You can forget the 9-5 routine, too. It doesn't matter when you work, as long as you get the job done. Maybe you want to take time off during the day to care for your kids, and then do your work late in the evening. No problem – as long as you deliver quality work on time, everything is good. Clients may give you milestones to hit during the project, and your only obligation is to deliver work in accordance with those milestones.

Rewarding Work on Interesting Projects

There was a time when home-based jobs were limited to unexciting jobs such as data entry and telephone support. That is no longer the case. Thanks to the Internet, freelance professionals can now undertake a vast range of work for global corporations.

The Internet has opened up a wealth of opportunity for freelance professionals. Now you can find yourself working for companies all over the world on a range of rewarding, interesting and lucrative projects. You may find yourself working on gigs such as:​

  • Writing articles and blog posts for high-profile websites
  • Proofreading movie scripts for a Hollywood studio
  • Creating full-length eBooks for publication on Amazon and other platforms
  • Editing magazine content for international publications
  • Undertaking admin work for the world's biggest corporations

Those are just a few examples, of course. In practice, the range and scope of the work we undertake is too diverse to cover in detail. Suffice to say that our team members love their work, and get well compensated for doing it.

Work from Anywhere

We are a truly global company with members on every continent except Antarctica. We work in all time zones and in multiple languages. Many clients undertake take multi-national projects that require freelance support from all over the world.

So we welcome freelancers from all over the planet. As long as you can get online, you are good to go with GoFreelance. You do need to speak some English, but you do NOT need to be a native speaker (except for some writing projects). Wherever you live, whatever your background and experience, you are eligible to join.

Whether you want to travel the world while you work, or simply want to escape the long commute into an office, we support you all the way. We believe that working freelance can be a great way to make a living, whilst still producing quality work. ​

No Experience Necessary

If you have previous experience as a freelancer, that's great - you will have a head start. But we also welcome reliable and dependable who are new to this way of working. We have found that clients are not too concerned about qualifications and previous experience. What they are looking for is good people who are:

  •  Willing to learn
  • Able to hit deadlines consistently
  • Trustworthy when dealing with confidential information
  • Available to undertake projects immediately
  • Willing to be flexible as required

If that sounds like you, then you have a great opportunity ahead of you. So don't delay...get started with GoFreelance right now and set yourself on the road to a lucrative home-based career...

Work at Home Jobs: Hiring Now!

Freelance for $200-$500 per Day

Put all your money worries behind you and start a new and better home-based career. Enter your name and email address now to get news of all our freelance jobs and work-at-home projects:

Testimonials from Happy Members

"I Got Hired in Less than 24 hours!"

“I joined GoFreelance because I needed some extra income. It worked out great for me. I got hired in less than 24 hours on a writing project. That’s become a regular gig for me now and I’ve picked up several others, too. The money has made a real difference to my life.”

Eleanor mayfield Writer and blogger

"I'm on track for a six-figure income..."

“Thanks to GoFreelance, I was able to quit my job and do freelance work full-time. I started picking up jobs right away, and things just snowballed from there. Right now, I’m on track for a six-figure income, and who knows where things could go from there. I love the work, and my new way of life…I am so glad I signed up.”

larry marlowe Web designer

"I love being able to work from home"

I have picked up so many great freelance projects through GoFreelance, and it has changed my life completely. I love being able to work from home and plan my work around my family. The extra cash is a big help, and it’s fantastic that I can do all this working on my laptop.”

betty king Virtual Assistant

Join Now – and Start Finding Freelance Jobs Today

We are urgently looking for freelancers to work on important projects right now. So the sooner you join, the sooner you can start applying for jobs and making money. Right now, the perfect job for you may be available…just waiting for you to put your application in.

We’d love to have you on the team, so that we can help you:

  • Make $200 plus doing interesting work
  • Work from home - and forget all about commuting
  • Enjoy flexible hours working from anywhere
  • Quit your job and build a rewarding freelance career
  • Spend more time with your friends and family
  • Escape the rat race and live a better life

Remember - the sooner you join, the sooner you start making money. So check this out below and start winning high-paying freelance jobs:

Work at Home Jobs: Hiring Now!

Freelance for $200-$500 per Day

Put all your money worries behind you and start a new and better home-based career. Enter your name and email address now to get news of all our freelance jobs and work-at-home projects:

"You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great" (Zig Ziglar) - take action now to change your future."

P.S.: No matter where you live, or what your skills and experience may be - if you are a reliable and dependable freelancer, we want to work with you.