Looking for a Copywriter & Content Marketer

Yo! I’m hiring! I’m looking for a KILLER Copywriter & Content Marketing Manager who can help scale my biz to the 7-fig level in 2021!

The Opportunity
Here are the activities we’re looking for our kickass copywriter and content manager to take charge of:

  • Craft long-form and short-form written content that inspires & educates my audience
  • Taking charge of daily content posting on my Facebook group, Linkedin, and eventually, Instagram to nurture my audience
  • Creating badass ‘Lead Magnet’ and ‘Call-To-Action’ posts on Facebook, Linkedin, and other social platforms to drive conversion
  • Be highly disciplined with managing a content calendar
  • Basic video editing using Zubtitle or iMovie
  • Basic graphic design using Canva
  • Email copywriting
  • A longer-term project will be for us to start a podcast, so you’d project manage that as well when we get there

We are a company that helps online entrepreneurs scale their companies to multi-six figure profits entirely organically.

I began my company in July 2019, so it’s only been 18 months since we began. However, we’ve already scaled our company to $60k per month+


  • I want to speak with you because I want to scale this company to 7-figs in 2021.
  • Content is going to be a focal point now more than ever before, and we can’t do it all ourselves.

Why The Role is Special

  • This is going to be an awesome role.
  • First and foremost, we are committing to being OMNIPRESENT across every channel with our content.
  • This means you’ll be able to mess around with content across multiple channels (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, even podcasts and video).
  • You’ll also be contributing directly to revenue. This is not a role where we just want content for content’s sake. Know that your efforts lead directly to our bottom line!
  • We already have a big following and audience base, but now you can make your voice heard across thousands of people that already love our brand!
  • For you, this will be a huge learning experience, since you’ll be seeing behind the scenes how a revenue-focused content engine looks like.

Other Benefits of the Role

  • This role is also going to be completely remote.
  • You can work wherever in the world you like, as long as you have your computer and internet access. I want you to live the lifestyle that you most want to live.
  • I’m also EXPECTING career growth and progression here.
  • If you kill it in this copywriting + content manager role, you may progress into a head of marketing type of role.
  • And finally, you get to learn from a founder who has really succeeded on their own. I’ve built this company to multi-six figure revenues at a 90% profit margin so far. The previous company I was at, I helped grow it from 0 to $2.5M in revenue, with a team of 40.
  • The same skillset I’ve leveraged for my own career, I will be teaching you.

Previous Experience

  • I’m looking for someone who has plenty of experience in the online marketing world.
  • If you’ve marketed and helped sell courses, coaching programs, consulting, or software before, even better.
  • It is mandatory you’ve experienced copywriting before (sales pages, Facebook group posting, email campaigns, social media value posts, etc…)
  • It’s super critical you have attention to detail as well, since you’d be managing and creating your own content calendars, juggling many content channels, and also owning the distribution of content as well.

We are looking for people who embody our values.

  • Curiosity – we want you to have endless curiosity so you can probe and learn about your prospects situations, but also so you are chasing the knowledge that will lead to your success in the world of sales and marketing
  • Hunger – we want you to be hungry; yes, hungry to make a lot of money, but ALSO hungry to gain a ton of knowledge and learn
  • Value-Add – we want people who are able to educate, add-value, and help our prospects and customers. Great sales people are about helping and adding value, not just being aggressive and pitchy all the time
  • Coachibility – we want you to be able to take feedback well and leave your ego at the door, you can always improve and I want you to be eager to hear constructive criticism
  • Evolvability – we want you to be able to learn from your mistakes, be flexible, and proactively fix them so you can be better tomorrow
  • Initiative – I want you to be a self-starter, someone who can take ownership of their role even without constant supervision. Be the CEO of your own position and strive for success every day

Potential Income
In the beginning, this will be a PROJECT based role.

However, my aim is to hire someone in a full-time capacity once they prove they are able to juggle email, Linkedin, Facebook, video, and other channels simultaneously.

The compensation for that full-time role starts at $2,000 per month but should be quite a lot higher due to performance bonuses (tied to lead gen and engagement results).

My goal is to be able to comp $5k/month or more to a copywriter/content marketer who is crushing their targets.

We Are Hiring NOW
I’m pushing hard towards 7-figs this year.

I cannot do this without your help.

We’re going to accomplish big things, you’re going to learn a ton, and we’re going to have a blast while doing it all together.

I will be hiring ASAP, and we’re ONLY HIRING ONE person for this role.

If this aligns with the income you want to make, the lifestyle you want to live, the skills you want to learn, and the career path that fits your vision, then we NEED to talk.

I will ONLY be interviewing 15 people maximum, so apply now.

The deadline is Jan 29, but if you want the role, apply NOW since good candidates will be pouring in fast.

Action Steps

The application will take you 20-30 minutes to fill out.

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