Looking for a Long-term Sub Spanish Teacher (Up to $150 a day)

Westborough High School seeks a Long-term Sub Spanish Teacher for 12 weeks (February 1, 2021 – April 20, 2021). The courses to be covered include 3 classes of Spanish Year 2, and potentially 2 classes of Spanish 5. These classes will be a combination of in person hybrid and fully remote. The Foreign Language Department at Westborough High School is in its fourth year of redeveloping its curricula for all languages based on the ACTFL Proficiency Standards.

So, if you're looking for a proficiency-focused department where teachers plan together on their path to proficiency, consider applying for this position.At Westborough High School, we take great pride in being a caring and comprehensive high school. We believe that the purpose of educating adolescents is to encourage a love for learning, foster growth and development of all, and instill high standards of conduct. The successful candidate will demonstrate a strong commitment to student success both within and beyond the classroom.

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