Looking for a Remote Copywriter (Worldwide Opportunity)

  • Create product descriptions and bullets for Amazon listings
  • Create product descriptions for Website listings
  • Create copy for Social Media posts that engage and sell
  • Create copy for advertising or marketing material as requested by leadership.


  • Choose your own schedule (Like working nights, do it!) (like working early mornings, that works too!)
  • The workload will eb and flow depending on what projects we are working on. Initially you can plan on 10-20 hours a week with the ability for that to increase.


Please give us a little taste of the diversity of sales copywriting skills by completing the prompts on the next page in the application.

We like to focus on the “Transformation” a customer will experience when they purchase our product rather than focusing on the product features. For example, for a baby shower invitation the “Transformation” the customer is looking to experience by purchasing a cute baby shower invitation is to “Get Guests Excited For an Amazing Baby Shower” or “Create a Dream Baby Shower From the Moment Guests Receive the Invitation”. Rather than focusing on the type of paper the invitation is printed on, the customer has a “Deeper” need that they are looking for, and that is what we want our product copy to speak to.

When you complete your application use the following words in your cover letter: “I love PIZZA”



  •  Sales Copy skills that are witty & engaging
  •  Time management to meet deadlines (we are all adults, we don’t want to babysit you (: )
  •  Attentive to details (we can’t keep finding errors in your work)
  •  Great ability to focus and use time wisely (assignments must not take you an absurd amount of time to complete)


  •  Enhance your career while getting paid!
  •  Choose your own schedule (Like working nights, do it!) (like working early mornings, that works too!)
  •  Work from anywhere you want in the world!
  •  Opportunities to grow in a fast growing business!
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