Looking for General Manager ( Fully Remote )

General Manager Role
We’re looking for a data-driven, process-oriented, analytical, quantitative, curious, proactive, accountable, and hardworking individual to be our full-time General Manager. As the General Manager, you will run the day to day operations of our with a 15-person headcount.

Our Company
We’re a rapidly growing outdoor sporting goods and clothing e-commerce company. We design, manufacture, market and sell our own brands on Amazon.com. We are a market leader in many product categories such as sleeping bags, cots, ski gloves, ski goggles, running gloves, stand up paddles, surfing accessories, headwear, and more.

Established in 2012, our business has grown organically to 8-figures of revenue. We’re currently growing at over 60% Y/Y.

Company mission: making the outdoors accessible to all through quality outdoor sporting goods.

Experience & Qualifications we’re looking for

  • IMPORTANT: 2+ years as a General Manager: we want someone who has run a business before. If you haven’t run a business before, this position is not for you.
  • 8+ years experience in Operations & Management
  • Experience with leading teams across multiple functions — sales, creative, customer service, manufacturing, operations/logistics
  • Experience in Amazon, e-commerce, digital marketing (SEO/SEM), manufacturing/supply chain is a huge plus
  • Familiarity with Traction EOS is a bonus, as that’s how we operate our business
  • Background/experience in finance and management consulting is a bonus, but not necessary
  • MBA is a bonus, but not necessary

Traits we’re looking for

  • Loves to own things from start to finish — high follow-through, accountable
  • Data-driven, analytical and quantitative
  • Process-oriented, detailed, organized
  • Independent and proactive, can learn and figure out things quickly
  • Loves to get their hands dirty
  • Curious and loves to learn

As our General Manager, you will be responsible for setting company and team-level priorities and goals, using data and analytics to manage revenues and profit, identifying sales/product issues, managing operations/logistics/inventory, working with our manufacturers abroad and more. You are also responsible for managing all of our teams. This is a challenging role, so please only apply if you are confident you can take on these challenges.

Here are several specific ongoing projects you will work on

  • Steering the Ship: what should our Quarterly Company Rocks/OKRs be? Why? How will we measure success?
  • Developing a Dashboard: what metrics should each team be looking at every week? How will we know if we’re doing a good job or not?
  • Setting Priorities: on an annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly basis, what should our largest priorities be?
  • Product Segmentation: with 1000 SKUs (100 unique ones if you don’t count the color, size and quantity variations), we must always know which SKUs to focus our efforts on. Which ones are cash cows, growers or dogs? Which listings should the Creative and SEO/SEM teams be spending their time on?
  • Product Benchmarking and Conversion Rate Optimization: within a product line, which products have the best conversion rates and why? How can we improve our listings?
  • Overseeing Operations: we work with almost 20 factories in China, 3 freight forwarders and four 3PLs in the US. While we will have an Operations Manager working this, we’d want you to know and understand this realm completely.
  • Inventory Management: we must make sure we’re selling through our products at a good rate. If it’s too fast, we’ll stock out. If it’s too slow, we’ll have excess inventory left, which can result in painful long-term storage fees. For products with excess inventory, we’ll run promotions or clear them through deal sizes like Woot.com
  • Inventory Planning and Demand Forecasting: how much inventory should we order and when? Should we ship the goods directly to Amazon or one of our 3PLs? Should we ship them out all at once in two containers, or piecemeal through several LCLs in order to save on storage costs? How do we demand plan for goods that are selling significantly more Y/Y due to COVID? We have tools like inventory-planner.com and use OrderHive as our inventory management system.
  • Product Improvements: using data from Amazon such as customer return rates and reviews, how can we improve our products or improve our messaging in order to minimize return rates?
  • Identify Product Opportunities on Amazon: which of our existing products has the most growth potential on Amazon, given the total addressable market? Which adjacent product lines should we expand into? (We have tools that can give us these insights, but we haven’t taken advantage of them).
  • Getting your hands dirty: in order to be a good manager, we believe you must have at least an 80/20 understanding of your reports’ work. Hence, this means that while you may not be the expert creating inbound shipments to Amazon or uploading creative A/B tests, you still know how to do these things.

Your Experience at the Company

  • You will be the right-hand man/woman of the CEO/Founder, a Stanford alum who started this as a surf gear side business in 2011 while working at Google.
  • You will have complete access to everything at the company, including financials, sales performance, and more
  • You must be okay with morning or late evening calls to talk with the team in the Philippines, UK or on the US East Coast, or with our
  • 3PLs and forwarders on the US West Coast. This job will often require long hours.
  • You will meet with your teammates 4 times per year in the Philippines. Here’s our company structure: 15 in PH, 3 in the US (including CEO), 2 in China

– Creative team (4): graphic design, product/packaging design, photo shoots, video shoot speccing
– Sales & Marketing (5): listing optimization, keyword research, PPC advertising, display advertising, copywriting, SEO partnerships
– Branding & Marketing (1): high-level branding, guidance on product listings
– Customer Happiness (2): customer support, handwritten letters to customers
– Development (1): automating processes, scraping data, providing data-driven insights
– Business Analyst (1): sales analysis, inventory management
– China team (2): sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, vendor management, logistics

Salary & Benefits

  • Pay: we pay extremely competitively, as we’re looking for top talent
  • Employer-reimbursed health insurance up to $200 per month
  • 21 days paid time off
  • Remote work, no commute: work from the comfort of your home, local coffee shop, or resort
  • Fast, reliable internet is an absolute must
  • Travel: we’ll travel to the Philippines 4x per year for our quarterly Get-Togethers, to be resumed post-pandemic. You might also travel to
  • Puerto Rico and locations across the US to attend conferences. You may also take trips to China to visit/understand our manufacturing and supply chain operations
  • References: 3-5 are necessary
  • Interested?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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