How to Make Pinterest Your Job and Earn $1000+ per Day

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Love Pinterest? Then why not make spending time on Pinterest your full-time job. Have fun browsing and pinning, and get paid well for doing it.

A Pinteresting Career

How many hours do you spend on Pinterest per week? Probably too many, right? After all, it’s just so much fun to browse around and find interesting things to pin. But it’s a big time suck, too. All those hours, and nothing to show for it.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you love spending time on the Pinterest platform, you should seriously consider making a career of it. Yes, that’s right. You can actually turn Pinterest into your job.

Many people are already doing this, and making a fantastic living at it. We will meet some of them shortly, and you will be able to see proof of their earnings. And when you see the numbers, they will blow your mind. Many are earning well in excess of $1000 a day!

How much difference would an extra $1000 a day make to your life? If that’s what you want, you can make it happen. And you can do it all just browsing around on Pinterest and saving interesting pins.

Why Pinterest?

There are many different social media platforms, so why would you pick Pinterest as the one to focus on? Apart from the fact that it’s fun, there is another very good read. Pinterest has proved to be fantastic at driving free visitors to websites.

For many thousands of blogs, Pinterest has become the number one referrer of visitors. You can get free traffic from Google, but it’s getting harder and harder. To get visitors from Facebook, you have to spend money on ads - and that is getting harder and harder. Other platforms like Twitter won’t deliver enough visitors to be useful.

But Pinterest has turned into a non-stop traffic machine. The site has experienced ‘hockey stick’ growth in the last few years, and shows no signs of slowing down. Pinterest now has over 250 million monthly active users, and the number is growing by the day.

Pinterest is like a search engine for blogs. People come to Pinterest to find interesting content. And that content generally links back to a blog. When people find an interesting pin, they love to click through and read the blog post it comes from.

So there are millions of clicks up for grabs, and that means there is a lot of money to be made. If you know how to get a share of those clicks, then you are in the money!

Sharpening Your Skills

One of the big advantages of making Pinterest your job is that you only need to get good at one thing. You don’t need a degree or any other kind of qualification. You don’t even need years of experience.

All you need to do is spend some time sharpening up your Pinterest and blogging skills. And that’s easy to do. A good place to start is this free Pinterest course, put together by bloggers making over $100,000 a month from Pinterest. These guys know their stuff!

One great place to learn the skills you need is to head over to YouTube, Just search for ‘Pinterest marketing’ and you will find dozens of videos that show you everything you need to know. From beginner’s guides to advanced strategies, it’s all there for you to absorb free of charge.

Learn as much as you can, and then try putting it all into practice. It’s well worth doing this, because the greater your skills, the more you can earn. Once you know how to put all this theory into practice, you are ready to start making cash.

Pintastic Blogging

The most popular way to turn Pinterest into your job is to start your own blog. This is perhaps the option with the most profit potential, too. This works because Pinterest is fantastic for driving visitors to blogs in almost any niche.

From personal finance to fashion, and from home decor to beauty, many bloggers are doing exceptionally well - thanks to visitors from Pinterest. Traditionally, Pinterest has been heavily-slanted towards female users. But in the last couple of years, 40% of signups have been from men. So whatever niche you want to be in, you can do very well with Pinterest traffic.

If you have no experience of blogging, don’t worry. Thanks to today’s easy-to-use tools, getting started is easier than you might think. Just click here for information on how to get started. You can have your own blog up and running within ten minutes. Then you are well on your way to making your first thousand dollars as a professional blogger.

Proof of Pinterest Power

There a lot of dodgy ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there, so you may be naturally wary about taking the plunge. So to prove that this is no scam, here are some highly-successful bloggers that are absolutely killing it, thanks to Pinterest.

Many bloggers publish income reports as a way of inspiring others and keeping themselves accountable. They often publish screenshots so you can verify the numbers for themselves. In some cases, the numbers are mind-boggling. Who’d  have thought you could make so much money from Pinterest?

Here we are are focusing only on bloggers who say most of their visitors come from Pinterest. Just click on the links to check out these amazingly-successful bloggers for yourself:

Can you believe those numbers? Over $160,000 in one month? That’s amazing! It’s even more incredible when you think that 90% of the visitors came from Pinterest, absolutely free!

So be inspired to get started today. You could taking the first step on an entrepreneurial journey that will make you a fortune. Not only that, you will have fun while you do it. You really will be getting paid for spending time on Pinterest. I bet your friends will envy you for that!

Taking the Consultancy Route

Another way to make money from your Pinterest expertise is to become a consultant. Once you have honed your Pinterest marketing skills, you have an asset that other marketers will gladly pay for.

Big brand companies understand the power of Pinterest. They know that Pinterest users are better purchasers than Facebook or Instagram users. So they want a piece of the Pinterest action. But very often, they have no Pinterest strategy. They simply have no idea how to leverage the platform to their advantage.

That’s where you come in. You can offer your skills as a consultant, and create a strategy for them. Then you implement the strategy, and collect a healthy retainer every month. Simple Pin Media is an excellent example of a Pinterest consultancy that is crushing it with brand-name clients.

You can also offer your services as a Pinterest consultant, using services such as Fiverr and Upwork. This is a great way of getting your name out there, and connecting with people who need help right now.

Make Pinterest Your Job Today

So let’s take a quick look at all the benefits of making Pinterest your job. You get to enjoy:

  • Spending your days pinning on Pinterest 
  • Running your own successful business
  • Working from home - or anywhere you want
  • Making a high six-figure income
  • Choosing flexible hours that suit your life
  • Having a career your friends will envy

If that sounds appealing to you, why not start making Pinterest your job right now? The first step is to start your own blog, so you can try all this out for yourself. You only need to spend a few bucks to get started, then you will be well on your way to financial and personal success.

Remember, you don’t need special skills or qualifications to do this. You just need enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. If that’s you, then click below to get started right away.

Make Pinterest My Job, Please!

Love Pinterest? Then why not make spending time on Pinterest your full-time job. Have fun browsing and pinning, and get paid well for doing it. If you love spending time on Pinterest, you should consider making a career of it. Yes, that’s right. You can actually turn Pinterest into your job. Many people are already doing this, and making a fantastic living at it. Many are earning well in excess of $1000 a day! CLICK 'READ' TO FIND OUT MORE!
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