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StateRequirement is looking for a content manager who understands the importance of great content and can deliver this content on a consistent basis. This position will start as part-time and will move into a full-time role as your comprehension of the business increases.

About Us

StateRequirement is a website that helps people get their new career off the ground by making the state licensing process simple.

Our Mission: Make licensing simple.

Our Goal: Become the number one resource for licensing in the world.

StateRequirement was founded in 2016. We started by simply offering free guides on the process of each state’s insurance licensing process. Since then, we’ve grown and expanded into continuing education, securities licensing, adjuster licensing, and real estate licensing. In the coming months and years, we will expand into many other industries.

Currently, we have a small team of two core members and several freelancers. These folks live and work from all corners of the globe, but they all have two things in common: they are very kind humans and they strive to have excellent communication. These are two characteristics that are absolutely non-negotiable within our culture.

Our team generally works on a semi-flexible schedule, but we will have weekly meetings at specified times and everyone needs to be able to communicate on weekdays between 9 am-5 pm EST. Our team communicates through Slack and Google Meet and manages projects and tasks on Trello.

About the Role

The goal of the Content Manager role is to ensure great content is published on the site(s) and that our traffic increases over time.

Your main responsibility supporting this goal is to shepherd articles through our content process. The content process itself functions quite well, so your role in this process will be to ensure that each article has all of the required elements (both tangible and intangible) that make it an article that we can be proud of. To do this, you will need to understand our theory of what makes great content. Alongside this understanding, you will need to have a strong grasp of basic on-page SEO and editorial standards. For this task, you will work and communicate with our writer(s), site manager, and other team members on a daily basis.

Along with the content process, there will be other responsibilities, including but not limited to:

  • Manage the work of freelance writers and editors
  • Contribute to medium- and long-term content strategy
  • Manage StateRequirement’s social media accounts (Facebook and LinkedIn, currently)
  • Contribute to and manage a sustainable backlink strategy
  • Upkeep key performance indicators

The Content Manager position is an extremely important part of the company and will report directly to the CEO. Our content is our product, and we take great pride in our work.


Your training will include video chats with the CEO and Site Manager as well as a detailed handbook of processes. In the first few weeks, we will have small projects for you that help you learn the different tools and aspects of the job. For some of the other SEO and content marketing skills, we will turn to trusted sources on YouTube and high-authority websites to fill in these blanks. If necessary, we will purchase online courses for you to take to ensure the proper skills are acquired.

Day to Day

While each day will differ to some extent, you should expect to be reading several articles a week to ensure that they are to the standards that we set. In the content management process, you will be providing written feedback to writers about their work.

When you aren’t working within our content process, you could be:

  • Creating social media posts
  • Sending outreach emails
  • Performing keyword research
  • Studying data and analytics
  • Building useful spreadsheets
  • Creating presentations to suggest new ideas to the CEO

Tools that we use to accomplish these tasks

  • Trello
  • Slack
  • Google Suite (Docs, Sheets, Drive, Gmail, etc.)
  • Google Meet
  • Loom Video
  • SEMRush
  • Google Analytics & Search Console
  • WordPress

Long Term

Long-term, this position could be managing several writers and editors and work much more closely with the overall content strategy. Depending on your personality type, you may also be involved in business development.

Overtime StateRequirement will grow, and with it, so will the internal opportunities for growth.

Who You Are

Our ideal candidate for this position is someone who has extreme attention to detail and can pick up on “fuzzy” concepts quickly. You should also be the type of person who is annoyed when you have nothing to work on, but also have enough internal motivation to solve that problem. We are interested in people who want to learn new skills and take a strong interest in improving their work. We need systematic thinkers who love to solve problems. The perfect person for this role is almost a perfectionist but also has the capability to not get bogged down by the last 4% of perfection. As mentioned above, we are only interested in people who are very kind and communicate well.

If these things sound like you, then we want you on our team. We want to help you grow so you can help the company grow.


What traits do you need?

  • Excellent communication – spoken and written – conversational English
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Excellent teamwork
  • Quick learner
  • Self-starter

What skills do you need?

  • Online writing/editing
  • Basic on-page SEO
  • Social media
  • Cold email outreach

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