Manage Social Media Marketing

Design and implement social media programming through written and visual content to advance the Memorial Healthcare System brand, raise awareness of MHS services (or service lines), leverage relationships with media, influencers and stakeholders and foster community participation and engagement.

Detailed responsibilities:

  • Oversees day-to-day management of owned social media channels and campaigns. Works with Marketing and Communications team and subject matter experts to create and implement organic and paid social media strategies to promote MHS services, programs, events and overall brand.
  • Creates content and works with Marketing, Communications and Community Relations teams and/or agency partners to develop and repurpose content that drives deeper engagement.
  • Analyze data, including overall reach, impressions, click through rates, engagement rates, among other KPIs, and draw actionable insights and recommendations to optimize results.
  • Serve as an extension to the public relations operations, helping to connect the team directly with journalists and reporters, resulting in broad coverage for MHS beyond its existing reach, while also advising on opportunities to strengthen and maintain brand engagement and relationships across the social media platforms.
  • Oversee implementation of corporate social media policy; respond to grievances on social media and monitor all activity. Manage social media deputy program, working collaboratively with other MHS employees to help grow the social media program and specific niche channels.
  • Manage and implement additional key social media platforms that align with program growth strategies.
  • Provides onsite coverage at events, or remote coverage of events, to capture photos and videos to publish real-time content on social media.

Competencies and skills:
CRISIS COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT: Versed in managing crisis communication in the court of public opinion to favorably position the healthcare system's brand and institutional reputation.
DIGITAL MEDIA KNOWLEDGE: Back-end technical expertise in the production of video, photos, digital video editing, social media and analytics.
MEDIA INDUSTRY: Maintains an overall understanding of the inner workings of media, personnel, trends and business to achieve organizational results.
STANDARDS OF BEHAVIOR: Acts in a manner that supports the standards of communication, respect, privacy, and teamwork by demonstrating a commitment to professional and ethical conduct.
CUSTOMER SERVICE: Demonstrates commitment to service excellence by promptly addressing internal/external customer issues/requests, resolving concerns while maintaining a professional image and behavior to build and enhance the patient/family/customer experience.
ACCOUNTABILITY: Accepts ownership of job roles and specific assignments/goals; works independently, takes responsibility for own actions; admits mistakes and judgment errors; and accepts constructive feedback. Connects personal work results to the accomplishment of team and organizational goals.
RESPONDING TO CHANGE: Accepts change and adapts in a positive and productive manner; handles unexpected situations and changes in direction calmly and with confidence. Views new assignments and job responsibilities as an opportunity for growth.
EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION: Communicates effectively with various audiences using the most appropriate method for the situation.
LEADING STRATEGY: Drives development and supports implementation of corporate and business line strategies aligned with the organization's overall strategic objectives.


  • Bachelors

Education specialization:

  • Communications


Education equivalent experience:

  • Marketing or Communications or Public Relations

Other information:
Complexity of Work: Required critical thinking skills, excellent ability to build relationships and interact with various levels of management and people. Working knowledge of SEO. Understanding of all forms of social media interactions. Knowledge of social media marketing tools and dashboards.

Required Work Experience: 3-5 years of experience developing and executing social media strategies across a variety of platforms and tools in fast-paced environment.
Working conditions:

  • Bending and Stooping 40.00%
  • Keyboard Entry 60.00%
  • Kneeling 40.00%
  • Lifting/Carrying Patients 35 Pounds or Greater 40.00%
  • Lifting or Carrying 0 – 25 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%
  • Lifting or Carrying 25.01 lbs – 75 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%
  • Pushing or Pulling 0 – 25 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%
  • Pushing or Pulling 26 – 75 lbs Non-Patient 40.00%
  • Reaching 40.00%
  • Repetitive Movement Hand/Arm 60.00%
  • Sitting 60.00%
  • Squatting 20.00%
  • Standing 60.00%
  • Walking 60.00%
  • Audible Speech 60.00%
  • Hearing Acuity 60.00%
  • Depth Perception 60.00%
  • Distinguish Color 60.00%
  • Seeing – Far 60.00%
  • Seeing – Near 60.00%
  • Dust 20.00%
  • Computer Monitor 60.00%

Organizational Profile:
Since its inception in 1953, Memorial Healthcare System has been a leader in providing high-quality healthcare services to South Florida residents. Today, it is one of the largest public healthcare systems in the nation with over 14,000 team members and highly regarded for its exceptional patient- and family-centered care. Memorial's patient, physician and employee satisfaction rates are some of the most admired in the country, and the system is recognized as a national leader in quality healthcare.

Memorial has a reputation as one of Florida's leading healthcare systems and is supported by a distinguished medical staff. In fact, the vast majority of physicians are board certified or board qualified in their specialties and have been trained at many of the nation's finest medical schools and hospitals. Because of its distinguished medical staff and services, Memorial draws patients from South Florida and beyond.

Many prestigious healthcare awards have been earned by Memorial Healthcare System and its facilities. The accolades include: Modern Healthcare magazine's Best Places to Work in Healthcare, Florida Trend magazine's Best Companies to Work for in Florida, 100 Top Hospitals, Consumer Choice Award, Best-Run Hospital, Best Nursing Staff, Best Pediatric Hospital and Best Maternity Hospital.

Disclaimer: This job description is not intended, nor should it be construed to be an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, skills, efforts or working conditions associated with the job. It is intended to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.

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