Marketing Lead

About Journey

Journey is on a mission to help all people live happier, healthier lives. We believe that by transforming your mind, you transform your life so we're building the world's largest, most supportive and inclusive community for learning to live your best life.

Our company culture is immensely important to us and we look for people who will support and build it.

  • We are an emotionally safe environment where we can show up authentically and bring our whole self to work. Team members are safe to take risks, be vulnerable in front of each other, and make mistakes.
  • We trust our team and our business information is shared openly with all team members.
  • Team members are fully empowered and take ownership for doing high-quality, on-time work. We have full responsibility for the organization’s success; if we sense that something needs to happen, we have a duty to address it.
  • We believe in continuous personal and professional growth and we will do our part to help you on that journey. Feedback is not only helpful but required. Only through open, compassionate feedback can we grow.
  • We are optimistic and see the glass as 3/4 full. We believe that the power of our mission and effort will allow us to flourish. We focus on strengths more than weaknesses and opportunities more than problems.

We’re looking for:

An experienced marketer that can lead, refine, and execute a comprehensive marketing strategy to build a differentiated, successful brand in an exciting, innovative space.

What You’ll Do

Reporting directly to our CEO, you’ll:

  • Spearhead all growth, awareness, and engagement initiatives.
  • Manage a growing team of full-time and/or part-time writers, marketers, and analysts.
  • Create effective & exciting content-driven campaigns (SEO, social, etc…)
  • Partner with outside support to optimize our paid acquisition efforts.
  • Own and push forward thought leadership, PR, and communications.
  • Gather information, analyze the data, and make data-backed decisions.

Ultimately, you’ll play a key role on a team fully committed to building a more mindful world where everyone lives a balanced, happy life.

We’re based in New York, but you can be anywhere.

What You Need

  • Deep understanding and passion for practical applications of mindfulness
  • Demonstrated success in brand positioning and messaging
  • Experience with user research and customer segmentation
  • Ability to track and harness market trends and competitive intelligence
  • Ideal candidate also has marketing growth experience at an early-stage startup


  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance. Journey contributes to a portion of the medical insurance premium, provided through Aetna.
  • Vacation Days. Team members receive 3 weeks of paid vacation and unlimited unpaid personal days off.
  • Wisdom Money. Team members receive $1,000 per year to spend on personal development activities, such as meditation classes and retreats, as they see fit.
  • Complimentary Journey Classes & Courses. Team members can participate in an unlimited number of Journey classes and courses.
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