Now Hiring : Online Course Teacher (Worldwide Opportunity)

Since 1987, Elite Education Group has been training generations of students and families around the world to achieve their American education dreams and be a part of the leadership class through long term, master-planned, well-rounded education. Our performance historically still is unmatched in the world. It is our historic mission to establish the quality systems of student development and success, building generations of children who will grow up to be the leaders of their communities, companies, and countries all over the world.

Elite Open School (EOS) is our latest addition to our education portfolio since 2015:

  • EOS is a fully WASC-Accredited Private Online Middle School and High School
  • EOS leads industry in bringing our Blended Learning Model to the world
  • Online/Adaptive Curriculum + Local Counseling + Local Academic Support
  • EOS operates globally through Learning Resource Centers, many of which are branches of sister organization, Elite Educational Institute, more famously known as Elite Prep
  • EOS serves Grades 5-12 Part Time Students and Full Time Students
  • EOS offers individualized coursework including US Grade-level Core and Honors Courses to AP Subject Courses

EOS Online Teacher Needs/Availabilities:

  • English (AP Literature, AP Eng Lang, etc.)
  • History (AP US History, World History, etc.)
  • Social Studies (Sociology, AP Psychology, etc.)
  • STEM (AP Calculus, Physics, AP Computer Science A, etc.)
  • Arts (Music, Studio Art, etc.)

EOS Teacher Primary Responsibilities:

  • Grade student assignments submitted through online portal within 3 business days of assignment submission
  • Respond within 24-48 hours to student inquiries submitted through online messaging portal
  • Manage discussion board to encourage participation and respond to student comments
  • As needed, participate in weekly meetings and training

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Master’s degree & above or teaching credential (Masters candidates included). Desired Major Areas of Study are Humanities, STEM, Social Sciences, Art, Film
  • Bachelors degrees may still be considered
  • Strong to quite strong in Written Communication Effectiveness and Mastery
  • Prior teaching/tutoring experience preferred but not required

Ideal candidates will display:

  • Adept at web technology use, including but not limited to online learning management systems (e.g. Blackboard, Moodle, etc.)
  • Adept at online collaborative workspaces, such as Google Suites
  • Experience tutoring or teaching up to high school level subjects or courses
  • Subject matter teaching credential preferred but not required

Perks of being an EOS Online Course Teacher:

  • Teachers can set their own schedule as position is remote
  • Teachers can work from anywhere: home, office, dorm, etc.
  • Suitable as a supplemental income to another full-time or part-time position

More on Elite Open School:

We at Elite aim to prepare students for the 4th Industrial Revolution already well underway around the world. Today we see unthinkable acceleration in robotics, automation, AI and machine learning, biotech, genomics, etc. The changes to come to global industry in the next 30 years demands we prepare our children for jobs and industries that may not even exist now with skills and minds to adapt.

How will our children adapt and succeed in a wildly different future? Creativity. Creativity will mark the success and survival of our children if we are able to instill and train them with it. And it’s already happening – top schools and even Ivy League admission trends confirm creativity as the marker for potential to overcome challenges of the future. Advanced communication, problem solving, critical thinking, team-management, emotional intelligence, decision making, cognitive flexibility – all we want for our children stems from teaching creativity.

How do we do it? We certainly cannot do it with the mass-literacy based education systems of the assembly line and mass production of the 1900’s. We cannot do it with students limited to rigid boundaries of traditional school systems across the world. We need a total shift, not just in thinking, but also in practice for a long-overdue modern education and the Elite Education Group, through its latest Elite Open School, is poised to lead the way to revolutionize efficient, effective schooling that is focused on creativity while retaining strong fundamental skills such as reading and writing.

Elite Open School is uniquely “Open” to Creativity-Based Education. How?

  • Languages – Our campuses and student bodies are multicultural and multilingual – this environment breaks students’ comfort zones at fundamental communication.
  • Campuses – We aim to expose our students to as many different social experiences as possible as soon as they are able.
  • Classrooms – Our schooling is not limited by walls or fences or limited to campus.
  • Courses – Our coursework is not limited by artificial grades but at student custom levels and desires through digital and adaptive curriculum in our blended learning system.
  • Time – Our students’ experiential learning opportunities are not limited by time.
  • Speed – Each course taught and learned at individual’s speed, not collective or slowest in the room.
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