Now Hiring: Remote Customer Service / Sales Support

Hi there!

My name is Dana Lindahl and I’m the founder of Legendary Leadgen. Since 2014 we’ve been helping our B2B clients generate more leads and sales appointments online.

Since last year, a huge part of our focus has been in the podcasting world. We’ve been helping our clients to get booked onto top podcasts and we are about to start helping our clients produce and launch their own podcasts.

Because of this, we’ve created a new brand for ourselves – Legendary Podcasts. The new website is not yet live, but please don’t let that scare you away – we are not a new company. It will be our same existing team we have under our current brand working for our clients under this new brand and we already have systems in place to service them.

Our Company Values

The most important thing to us, even more important than finding someone with the right skills, is finding someone who is a good fit for our company values and culture.

The following three things are the values we uphold as a team and expect all new team members to bring to the table:

Be Proactive – Identify problems and roadblocks and address them before they become an issue. Take action before action is necessary!

Kaizen – Japanese business philosophy: “Seek constant improvement in yourself, your work environment and those around you.”

Customer Experience Focused – Never trade our simplicity for our customer’s complexity

About the Role

Your main responsibilities in this role will be coordinating the various conversations between our marketing efforts and the people who are responding back to us and our clients.

YOU WILL NOT NEED TO GENERATE LEADS IN THIS ROLE – we have a very solid process in place already for generating leads. You will, however, be required to email back and forth with prospects who respond back to our lead generation campaigns, to set up the sales calls. You also will not be required to get on the sales calls – only to set them up and help sales prepare for them.

There are 2 main areas you’ll be responsible for – internal sales support and podcast booking support.

Internal Business Development Support

  • Setting up calls for sales to take, with people who responded positively to our lead generation campaigns
  • Making cliff notes for the sales team to help them efficiently prepare for discovery calls
  • Helping the sales team edit/prep sales materials for sales calls
  • Updating our CRM as prospects move through sales stages

Podcast Booking Support:

  • Responding back to hosts we’ve reached out to about suggesting podcast guests to them – and recommending our clients where it makes sense
  • Facilitating the podcast booking on behalf of our clients if the host wants to have them on the show
  • Responding back to hosts and facilitating bookings on behalf of our clients

This might all seem like a lot, but is a primarily email-based role, where the large majority of your work will be responding back to people who have already shown some level of interest. There will also be an element of helping us strategize the types of shows and topics that would be a good fit for our clients to discuss on podcasts – which will be a lot of fun if you’re a fan of podcasts – especially business-focused ones!

Benefits of the Role

  • Be an integral part of our company – This is an important role and you’ll be managing a lot of the communication from new customers who want to work with us
  • Get to know top podcasters – Lots of the people you’ll be emailing with are podcasts hosts who’ve been at it for years – if you’re a podcast fan, prepare to be starstruck on a weekly basis
  • 100% remote – We do hold team retreats from time to time, but the role itself will have no location requirement
  • We fund your growth – Through courses, books and other paid materials, we have a budget set aside for helping you excel in your role and in life
  • Paid time off – We provide all of our full-time team members with 10 days of paid time off per year

About You

  • Great and clear communicator – The large majority of this role will be made up of direct communication – so you need to be a clear communicator as well as have a general understanding of business communication best practices
  • Excellent written English – You do NOT need to be a native English speaker, and if you have a strong accent that is perfectly fine. You do, however, need to be able to write in English in a near-native level
  • Podcast fan – This is not an absolute requirement, but it will definitely help and you’ll enjoy the work a lot more if you’re already an active podcast listener
  • Tech Savvy – You don’t need to be an absolute computer genius for this role – nothing is highly technical. You will be expected though to understand your way around a computer well enough to understand the tools and applications we use
  • Pro-active – There’s no such thing as a bad idea. If you see an area for improvement in the company, we want to hear it!
  • Available during US business hours (Eastern time) – We are fairly flexible on hours, and you don’t need to be available for the entire US business day. At minimum though, you should be available for half the day, and we would prefer someone who is available in the US morning instead of afternoons
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