Ongoing freelance writing gig in Travel/Digital Nomad Niche ( Worldwide Opportunity )

We are looking to add a writer to our team to help us publish guides about travel, digital nomad life, and ways to make money online. To start, we will need 2 articles per week on a regular basis. Payment is $0.03 per word, via Paypal.


Applicant must be:

  • Native English speakers
  • Must have (or be willing to open) a Paypal account for invoicing

Bonus points for:

  • Digital nomads and experienced travelers (double bonus points if you live in Colombia)
  • Experience working in WordPress

You don’t need tons of experience to apply, but you must enjoy writing and be good at it. Anyone can write a boring article. We require write-ups to be engaging, detailed, helpful, well-researched, personable, humorous with a touch of snarkiness. All in all, they must entertain as much as they inform.

Writers will be provided with training in the required writing formats. We expect you to learn quickly and produce posts that require very little editing.

PLEASE DO NOT APPLY if you’re not a native English speaker.


  • Work from anywhere in the world (as long as you turn in work on time and can communicate regularly)
  • Write about interesting travel and digital nomad topics
  • Consistent, ongoing work
  • May receive a byline if you have extensive personal experience on a particular topic, giving you the potential to grow your portfolio. (This, however, is not guaranteed and will vary on a case-by-case basis).


Ideally, you can complete 2 articles per week. The first couple may take a bit longer as you get the hang of it.


$0.03 USD per approved word

You will be paid upon completion of each article within 48 hours of submitting to us your invoice via Paypal.

If the arrangement ends up long term, we can discuss up-front partial payments in bulk.

This is a freelancer position.


You will upload and format the articles in our WordPress powered website.


The position starts immediately.


Fill out this application form:

PLEASE NOTE that we read your application to assess writing capability. If it's boilerplate and boring, you probably won’t stand out. Write your answers so they are interesting – show us your writing chops.

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