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"Knocked it out of the park!"

"A big shoutout to Rob Palmer who stepped up and knocked it out of the park. So kudos to him."

Justin Goff, Top Direct-Response Copywriter

"Rob is amazing"

"Rob is amazing. I have looked for years to find someone who could help me hone my message, then Rob came along. He was able to get right to the crux of my writing problems and turn it around into language my market could understand. I highly recommend him if you want your copy to hit the mark!"

Andrew Stotz, CEO of A. Stotz Financial Research (LinkedIn Recommendation)

Hi, my name is Rob Palmer, and I'm a direct-response copywriter who has brought in millions for marketers worldwide. Invest just 10 minutes and 33 seconds of your life watching the video below, and I guarantee a huge ROI. Hit the ‘play’ button now to discover:

  • Why my direct-response campaign for Apple was so successful that lawyers closed it down (if you're not doing this right, you are losing big bucks every day).
  • What I learned at a ClickBank Platinum Summit that could add millions to your bottom line (most offer owners make this simple mistake, but it's easy to fix).
  • Why the CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation calls me "Secret Weapon" (plus how my 'big ideas' added $500 million to sales...and could do the same for you. 
  • The quick & easy way to get more sales without spending a single cent (works on any offer that's running right now)
  • How saying one simple word today could put  lot of money in your pocket tomorrow (it's just three letters - not hard at all)

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"Your copy is crushing it"

"Wow! Your email copy is crushing it! We're seeing open rates, click throughs and conversion numbers that we haven't seen for years. Great job!"

Ben P, ClickBank Platinum Partner

Copy that Sells

If you need copy that generates maximum sales and a high ROI, I can help you by:

  • Writing high-converting, long-form sales letters and VSLs (typically 6000-12000 words) in niches range from biz op and financial to health and fitness
  • Creating compliant yet high-converting copy for supplements, other physical products and ‘challenging’ niches
  • Building complete sales funnels - including upsells, downsells, cross-sells, email copy, ad angles, etc.
  • Devising new leads, headlines and angles for you to test, so you can squeeze more revenue from your lists and your campaigns
  • Increasing CTRs with original creatives that breathe life into stale campaigns
  • Working with your media buyer to outperform your controls and dial in profits
  • Creating congruent upsells with the ‘buyer momentum’ that creates a big lift in average order value
  • Writing high-converting landers and bridge pages
  • Helping you pinpoint weak points on your sales funnels and turn them into strengths, to turbocharge your profits

Ready for Lift Off?

To find out more about me, check out my top ten guest appearances on leading business podcasts or look me up on LinkedIn. But if you want to make more sales right now, let’s get down to business.

There's only one of me, and I don't outsource work to other writers. Spots on my calendar are limited, and they fill up fast. Today, I can squeeze you in...but tomorrow? Maybe not.

So you know what to do (you did watch the video, right?) Just fill in the details below and let's weaponize words to explode your sales.

Rob Palmer


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