Seeking Academic and Enrichment Tutors ( $25 an hour )

The Part-Time Teaching Support Tutor at the Parthum Elementary School will be responsible for providing REMOTE push-in classroom support for all grade levels (K-4) and subject areas (core content classes, specials and enrichment) in a distance learning format. Each tutor will receive a school-issued computer and will be responsible for working directly with small groups of students in a virtual classroom setting. Tutors are able to work remotely from their homes.The ideal Tutor will: – Be committed to developing and/or expanding their proficiency and experience in distance learning- Be reliable- Attendance and reliability is critical in this role. – Be flexible in both adopting and developing new approaches to remote instruction- Be a team player and work together with full-time staff to create effective systems for virtual learning- Be creative in his/her approach to identifying effective means of reaching students in a virtual setting- Have high standards and expectations for all students in the face of the challenges of remote learning- Enjoy working with children – Be willing to learn- we typically hire from within when positions open up and Tutors have a lot of experience from on the job training

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