Get Paid to Watch Porn ($225 to $475 per day) 

Work from home, do easy work and enjoy all the sex you can handle

FAP'ing Their Way to Financial Freedom

A blow job is so much better than a day job, right? And thanks to the remote work revolution, guys and gals everywhere are now ditching their regular jobs and getting to watch paid all the blow jobs they can handle...and anything else that takes their fancy. Oh, and they are picking up lucrative paychecks while they do it.

Because of the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies everywhere are hiring far more home-based workers than ever before. Facebook says all its employees can work from home forever, while Google is paying employees $1000 to become home-based workers. Other giants like Amazon, Morgan Stanley, and Twitter are also converting millions of jobs into home-based positions.

That means an opportunity to make good money doing easy work, and everyone is jumping on the opportunity. 

There are thousands of home-based jobs to choose from. And if these home-based workers want to watch porn all day while doing their job, who’s to stop them! With a work project open in one browser window, and their favorite porn stars getting down to it in another window, every work day becomes a fun day.

You can do this, too. You don't need qualifications or experience. But you must be reliable and able to start right away. If that sounds like you, work could soon become the most fun part of your week.

Work on your laptop and watch porn on your phone. Or use a second monitor to get a big-screen experience. Better still, settle down on the sofa and work on your laptop - all while watching your favorite hotties f*cking on your large-screen TV. Do what the hell you want - nobody cares as long as you get your job done, and that's easy.

Jeremy Truman from Boise, Idaho says:

"I love my new job! The work I'm doing is easy, and I do it with one eye on a spreadsheet, and the other on the latest PornHub hottie. I never knew working could be so much fun...and the pay is great, too!"

And it's not just guys are doing it. Lots of girls are loving the liberation of expressing their true selves, while still pulling down a pretty pay packet. Loretta Mills from Fort Lauderdale says:

"I can't believe I'm getting paid to do this! This is the most lucrative job I've ever had, and I do it all watching hot guys f*ck cute girls. Who knew this was even possible?"

Cum and Join in the Fun

There are immediate opportunities for multiple home-based workers, with the opportunity to start as soon as possible. Applicants should be:

  • reliable and dependable
  • willing to take on simple online tasks
  • able to work flexible hours from home

You should be free to work 20-40 hours a week, for compensation of $225-$475 per day (depending on suitability). Additional benefits ranging from health insurance to flexible hours may also be available in some cases.

No previous experience is required, but you need reliable access to the Internet. You must be a self-starter who can work without close supervision, comfortable undertaking tasks such as:

  • Posting content on social media
  • Assisting with admin and general tasks
  • Writing blog posts and articles
  • Editing and proofreading documents
  • Undertaking online research

These positions will fill fast, so act now if you are interested. Stock up with Kleenex, then click the button below and see if you qualify to apply.