Television Production Coordinator

Governors State University is seeking to hire a Television Production Coordinator. This position carries various duties in the department with the main focus on oversight of production staff resources and client relations. This person creates effective policies and procedures to ensure our production department operates at peak efficiency and oversees the involvement of all production staff as crew for a multitude of studio and remote productions. This position is the face of DLMD; meeting with potential external and internal clients to develop programming, analyze the department’s ability to fulfill requests, creating budget estimates for production requests, and then assigning crew to projects. Additionally, the Television Production Coordinator acts as supervising producer on all programs within the department. The Television Production Coordinator ensures that staff is properly trained and is expected to lead staff meetings.

Essential Responsibilities:

25% – Oversee all aspects of an organization’s production policies, objectives, and initiatives. Creates functional strategies and specific objectives and develops budgets/policies/procedures to support the functional infrastructure. Deep knowledge of the overall departmental function. Work with supervisor to manage operational budget of department and oversee contract creation/negotiation. Oversee the maintenance of subscription services, contracts, and client relations.

20% – Act as coordinating producer for all field and studio productions. Intake production requests, meet with potential production clientele, develop production concepts, determine availability/capacity of request, create budget estimate for project, and assign production roles for productions. Must perform work within strict media deadlines.

15% – Lead development of new programming including Educational, Public Affairs, Arts and Entertainment programs for various distribution methods including The Educator, YouTube and social media outlets.

15% – Supervise hiring, training, performance reports, and staff members. Identify gaps in staffing and complete necessary documentation to support the justification of employment.

10% – Provide television and media production services including project development, scripting, producing, directing, editing, set design & construction, and multi-media production. Includes both studio and field production.

5% – Focus special attention on developing and maintaining a strong collaboration with and support for the long term development of media initiatives across campus. Seek opportunities to involve students in our productions early in their studies and build an attractive path for them to complete their degree at GSU, thus providing a steam of well-prepared students to our media programs that will help enhance the quality of our programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Help create the operational infrastructure and processes needed to support a high quality, innovative four year program in media studies, as well as, graduate programs in areas of media, film, and television.

5% – Work with engineering staff to coordinate use of facilities and develop new infrastructural design and implementation.

5% – Other Duties Assigned.

Other Responsibilities:

  • Demonstrates knowledge and good judgment in matters of college policy and procedures
  • Stays well informed regarding Media Advancements and Technologies
  • Completes miscellaneous correspondence, research, reports, and memos as requested.
  • Proactive Leader – Works well without close supervision and demonstrates initiative
  • Assists with questions and problems courteously and promptly.

Salary Range: up to $62,000.00.
(This is a non-unionized position. Salary starts at the base and is determined based on Education and Experience exceeding the minimum qualifications).

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Bachelor’s degree in theater, television, art, and/or a related field.
  2. Two years of experience in theater, film, or television technical production, including experience with sets, lights, and props.

Preferred Qualifications
Preferred Education and Experience

  • Master’s degree in Media Communications or similar field, and 5 years’ experience; or Bachelor’s Degree in Media Communications with 8-10 years of experience.
  • High level experience in professional TV/Video/Multimedia production with required knowledge of studio directing, lighting, broadcast/professional editing, media management.
  • Basic knowledge of networking, archiving and media management.

Desired Education and Experience

  • Advanced abilities of set construction and design.
  • Advanced knowledge of professional editing systems, especially Avid, not only for basic editing but for creation of advance compositing and visual effects, mattes, animation.
  • Advanced knowledge and experience in networking, archiving and otherwise managing digital media.
  • Advanced knowledge of media formats and platforms consisting of professional and social media distribution.