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How Much Do Top Bloggers Make? The Top List of Blog Income Reports

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What You Will Learn: Who is making serious money from blogging (and insights into how they do it); The secret of success that separates the big-money bloggers from the also-rans; How you can start a blog today and set yourself on the road to financial prosperity and personal freedom

Many bloggers are pulling down over a million dollars a year. Find out who makes the big bucks online and how you can do it, too.

What You Will Learn

  • Who is making serious money from blogging (and insights into how they do it) 
  • The secret of success that separates the big-money bloggers from the also-rans
  • How you can start a blog today and set yourself on the road to financial prosperity and personal freedom

Can You Make Money Blogging?

Blogging seems like an idyllic way to make a living. You just sit at home (or in the park, or on the beach) and tap away at your laptop, writing creative articles that your fans love to read. And at the end of the month, a nice paycheck lands in your bank account.

But can you really make a living blogging, or is it all just a pipe dream? According to Glassdoor, salaries for bloggers range from $19k to 79k a year. Bloggers working for a company are likely to make around $24k - or around $33k if they work with a larger corporation.

That’s for writers who blog as their day. For those who run their own personal blog, would seem to be even harder. A survey of 1500 Problogger readers found that 9% make between $1000 and $10,000 a month. Some 4% make over $10,000 a month, but the vast majority make under $3.50 a day.

Another survey by showed that only 17% of bloggers make enough money to support their family from their blogs. 81% never even make $100.

But then we find the hidden gold. The same survey shows that 2 percent of bloggers spend less than two hours a day on their blogs - yet they make over $150k a year.

More than $150k a year, just for blogging? Now we are talking about serious money and a real opportunity! And as we will soon seek, some bloggers are not just making over $150k a year...they frequently pull down over $150k a month!

The Big Money Bloggers

What the above numbers tell us is that you really can make big money blogging - but only if you treat it as a proper business. Don’t expect to just write the odd article at the weekend and attract thousands of readers and oodles of money - that probably won’t happen.

But if you take blogging seriously as a profession and get good at it, the sky's the limit. Do you want to make over a million dollars a year? Sure, you can do that.

We know these numbers are genuinely possible because many bloggers publish income reports on a regular basis. This trend was started by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income (more on that blog later) and soon became a very popular concept in the blogging community.

So why would bloggers want to bare their soul by publishing their income reports? Actually, there are several good reasons for doing this. One is to inspire others, and another is to give back to the blogging community.

But perhaps the biggest reason is to inspire themselves. When you have committed to publishing your naked income figures month by month, you have a very strong incentive to search for constant improvement.

Many of these reports include screenshots of their income-earning accounts as proof of their veracity, and some (such as John Lee Dumas) even get their income figures verified by their accountant.

So we can be confident that the figures are mostly accurate, and give us a broad understanding of what is possible in the blogging sector.

Interestingly, though, many bloggers stop publishing income reports when their income rises above $1 million a year or so. There are three main reasons for this:

  • Bloggers at the start of their blogging journey find it hard to relate to business making millions a year 
  • Business owners at this level attract a lot of competitors who then reverse engineer these income reports for data
  • Personal safety can be an issue when you publicly announce your wealth so prominently

So while the income reports that follow are very informative, remember that there are many bloggers who have far exceeded these numbers. They have reached the stage where their incomes are just too large to discuss in public.

For the same reasons, you will see that some bloggers in this list have stopped publishing updated income reports. We continue to include them here because these are often the bloggers with the most interesting growth stories to tell.

They are the ones who demonstrate clearly that you can go from zero income (or even substantial debt) to a multi-million dollar income through blogging alone.

So now you now what’s possible, let’s dig into the detail. Here’s a comprehensive list of bloggers publishing detailed income reports. Together they prove blogging is a legitimate way to earn a high income.

Read on and be inspired to achieve the same level of success and prosperity in your own blogging business...

The Big List of Income Reports

There are hundreds - perhaps thousands - of bloggers who produce income reports. But here we are going to focus on the ones where we can be confident of the numbers, and where there is an interesting story to tell;


Pat Flynn started his online business after being laid off from his full-time job in 2008. At first, he had no idea to make money. But after finding his feet with a couple of test projects, he came up with the idea of being the ‘crash test dummy’ of Internet marketing.

Pat tests out online marketing strategies and shares his results with his followers. The result has been a highly successful blog and accompanying podcast. His online business now generates over $2 million a year from sales of courses, affiliate income and other revenue.

2. It’s a Lovely Life

How would you like to travel the world and make well over a million dollars a year as you go? That’s exactly what Heather and Pete Reese do, together with their three daughters.

Although based in Southern California, they spend up to 150 days a year on the road - traveling from Hawaii to London and beyond.

A simple plan you can follow to become a globe-trotting blogging family (making oodles of money from anywhere)

If you have any doubts as to whether blogging as a family can be a profitable venture, just check out the Reese family income reports - they will blow your mind. Here’s a family that’s clearing well over $1 million a year from their blog. In one month, they cleared a massive $238,027.82...not bad for a little family travel blog 🙂

And all this while having the time of their lives!

Heck, most people would be happy to working in a boring job in a boring town if they could collect over a million bucks per annum. But these make that kind of money (and more) whilst touring the globe and having a ball. That’s the way to do it!

3. Entrepreneur On Fire

If you want to be 100% sure that you can make money online check out these income reports - they are certified by an accountant. So would a confirmed monthly income of $199, 722 be enough for you to get by on?

John Lee Dumas is an ex-military guy who found it hard to settle into a career when he returned to civilian life. Then he struck on the idea for Entrepreneur On Fire - interviewing entrepreneurs every day and sharing their inspiring stories with the world.

Here’s a family that’s clearing well over $1 million a year from their blog. In one month, they cleared a massive $238,027.82...not bad for a little family travel blog 🙂

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The blog and podcast combination has proved a real winner, and the business has grown into a serious money maker.

4. Making Sense of Cents

Yes, you read that right. Michelle is clearing around $100,000 per month on her blog, creating an income of over a million dollars a year. Not bad for a lady who was drowning in student debt just a few years back.

It was a warm summer’s day in June 1993, and I had just published what is probably the world’s first blog post. A Google search might tell you that the world’s first blog appeared in January 1994. But I beat that by a good six months! Here’s the story of how I became the world’s first blogger, and how this led to me pioneering the digital nomad revolution.

"I am just extremely excited about everything,” Michelle says. “I really love my business and I don’t know where I would be without it. The business is doing well and I’m very happy with it. I’ve been catching myself saying ‘Life is really good’ a LOT lately. And, I mean it. Life is really good. Yes, $100,000 in income a month! If it weren't for my blog, none of this would be possible."


Ryan Robinson has built a rocket ship of a blogging business, based on his exceptional content marketing skills. He is living proof that a business plan that is well executed can lead to remarkable success.

Ryan has a background in content marketing, and he has leveraged his abilities in this area to the max. The result has been rapid growth in blog traffic, subscribers and revenues.

Ryan’s income reports show consistent growth in revenue from month to month, and we can say with confidence that this blog is on course to make millions of dollars a year.

6. Busy Budgeter

Rosemarie says she is a ‘wife, mother, blogger and budget guru.’ The combination works – especially the mom blogging part. She has done a great job of turning her blog into an invaluable resource with lots of great content about home budgeting and finance. 

No wonder her income is growing month by month. Rosemarie says:

“I’m a full time blogger. Which means that I get to work from home, with my kids and help people with something that I’m passionate about. It’s an unbelievable job and I pinch myself every day that this is my life.  I wanted to share my blog income report because I wanted other moms to realize that blogging is a real job, and it’s one you can do with your kids at home.”

However, she stopped publishing income reports when her monthly income exceeded $100,000. At that point, she thought the numbers had become so big they wouldn’t seem real to the average blogger.

7.Create and Go

Alex  and Lauren initially found success when traffic to their health blog took off thanks to Pinterest. Since then they have learned a great deal more about online marketing, and now teach others how to make money from blogging.

Seeing as they make well over $100,000 a month themselves, they clearly know what they are talking about. Their business is growing from strength to strength, and they are looking forward to the future.

8. Just a Girl and Her Blog

Abby is a regular American mom with two great kids. She started this blog as a hobby, but it soon blossomed into a real money-making machine that regularly clears over $1000 a day! The blog became so successful that her husband was able to quit his job. Abby is very happy with the way things have turned out:

“I am still totally in awe that this little blog of mine (that I didn’t think anyone would ever read!) has become a family business, with both my husband Donnie and I working on the blog full time!”

9. The Soccer Mom Blog

Stacey's goal is to inspire other moms (and Dads!) to live positively. To this end, she blogs about positive parenting, kids’ activities, pregnancy and breastfeeding encouragement, home hacks and more. She makes over $10,000 a month and says:

"The main reason I’m sharing my blogging income report is because I want you to know that it IS possible to make a really awesome income at this. I’m just a normal person. I worked at a “normal” job two years ago.

“I learned everything the hard way — I didn’t have a mentor or any special help starting out. And I still was making a full-time income blogging within a year. So the point is…you can too!"

10. Becky and Paula

Mother of four, Becky, started her blog as a way of sharing ideas and tips with friends. But soon the blog was getting over three million views a month, and her hobby became a full-time business.

“When I started blogging, I had high hopes of paying for preschool tuition every month,” she says. “Before the end of three years, I was earning a six-figure income and my husband had quit his job to stay home and work with me.”

Becky says she truly loves mom blogging because it enables her to provide her children with amazing opportunities.

“We have used my blog to travel all around the United States and see so many new places. I have been able to meet amazing, influential people, like the President of the United States. It has opened doors for me that I never would have had opened before blogging.

“I truly found my passion when I took my old career, as a teacher, and merged it with my new career, as a blogger.”

11. Single Mom’s Income

When Alexa found herself living as a single mom in a small town with no jobs, she knew that making money online was the answer. She was right. Her blog has grown into a full-time income earner, making thousands of dollars a month and allowing her plenty of time to focus on raising her two lovely daughters.

“Through trial and error I finally landed upon freelance blogging as a legitimate and lucrative side business,” she says. “I grew my writing income big enough to replace my day job and then I quit my full-time job and began working for myself.

“If you’re feeling like you’re stuck in a dead end job, think you can never make more than $10/hr. because you don’t have a college degree, or think you can’t save money or beat the paycheck to paycheck cycle, I want to encourage you that you can. Don’t lose hope!”

12. What Mommy Does

Lena is a mother of three who blogs about family finance, kids activities, fun with kids, holidays and finding time for yourself in the midst of motherhood. She makes thousands of dollars every month from advertisers who pay to reach her audience through ads and sponsored posts.

Lena says:

“For several years, I blogged on and off in between having babies #2 and #3, but never really took it seriously. Now that my kids are older, I am having fun seeing where this little blog of mine can take me!”

13. The Realistic Mama

Alida is a wife and mother with two kids and a busy life. Her blog generates a full-time income from display ads, sponsored content and other payments from advertisers.

“I’m more than happy with our income for last month,” she says. “The months ahead have some really exciting things in store!”


Just a few years back, Melyssa was bored of her job teaching English and wondering what to do next. As a side project, she started a blog that channeled her love for educating others. It became a huge success and now she makes a lot of money from following her passion.

In a good month, Melyssa makes as much as $172,000…wow! Even in an average month, she makes over ten thousand bucks a week. She’s a great example of how a blog can blossom from a side project into a full-time business. She says:

“Within three years of launching my hobby blog, I was earning one million dollars per year through my blog.”

15. Renae

To say that online business has changed Renae’s life for the better is an understatement. In fact, just talking about it brings her to tears. Once nearly homeless, she is now able to provide well for her children, and their lives have been transformed.

One of her online projects generated over $200,000 in less than a week…no wonder she is so happy!

“It changed everything,” Renae says. “I know it's just money, but I am a single mom with three girls. I have to pay the bills, and I don't want to be on welfare.”

How You Can Make Money Blogging

So there you go - proof of concept that blogging can be a very profitable business. So ignore the naysayers who tell you there is no money in it. They just don’t know the secrets of success.

If you want to make a high income from blogging, too, you certainly can. Whatever your passion, you can be sure that people are making great money in that niche via blogging.

The key is to treat blogging as a business, not a hobby. You need to get good all other aspects of running a successful blog, including:

  • Creating great content that people love to read and share 
  • Leveraging search engine optimization to attract free visitors
  • Using social media to share your content and grow your following
  • Building a list of email subscribers who love what you do 
  • Utilizing the best strategies to monetize your blog traffic

The simple truth is that 98% of bloggers don’t put enough effort into getting good at all of these fundamental elements of successful blogging. But you can be sure that the 2% who make over $150k a year are very good at all of them!

So if you can’t be bothered making the effort, then you are probably better off getting a job flipping burgers at Ronald’s place. The pay will probably be about the same as minimal-effort blogging, and the hours will be better.

But if you are prepared to learn the blogging skills you need to succeed, then you could set yourself on the way to a six-figure or even seven-figure income. All you have to do is get started, and then learn and improve day by day.

What You Will Learn: Who is making serious money from blogging (and insights into how they do it); The secret of success that separates the big-money bloggers from the also-rans; How you can start a blog today and set yourself on the road to financial prosperity and personal freedom

Start Your Blog Today

So is it too late to start a money-making blog now? Have you missed the boat? Absolutely not. In fact, this is the best time ever to be starting a successful blog.

The market right now is bigger than ever. Over five billion people have smartphones - that means you can reach almost anyone on the planet with your blog. That’s amazing!

Better still, blogging has never been easier. Today’s technology makes it simpler than ever to get your blog off the ground - even if you have no previous skills or experience.

To make it easy for you, we’ve put together a tutorial that shows you exactly what you need to do. Just follow this step-by-step process and you can have a blog up and running in the next 10 minutes.

Remember, the sooner you start, the sooner you start making money. So don’t delay. Start your own money-making blog right now, and set yourself on the route to true financial freedom. Click 'start your blog' below to make it happen:

Rob Palmer I have been blogging and living the digital nomad lifestyle since 1999. I help people create an online income so they can go anywhere, do anything and be anyone.