17 Quick & Easy Ways to Make Money Fast ($100+ in 24 Hours)

If you need money fast, here are some proven ways to get cash in your hand in double-quick time. Check out these supersmart ways anyone can generate oodles of cash  in a hurry. If you need to make at least 100 bucks in the next day or so, here’s how to do it the easy  way.

Money in a Hurry

Yeah, we get is full of unexpected dramas, right? And these can really mess up your finances. Maybe your washing machine has broken down and you need emergency money to fix it. Or maybe you picked up a speeding ticket and now you have to pay the consequences...literally.

There are hundreds of things that can go wrong in our lives, and they often require extra cash to fix it. Somehow, the money you have just isn’t enough to get you to the end of the month. The good news is that you can fix it. There are lots of ways you can make extra money in a hurry and put your problems behind you. Let’s check them out…

1. Claim Your Unclaimed Money!

Here’s an easy one to start with. Did you know that you may have unclaimed money, just waiting around for you to collect? You may be surprised that billions of dollars are just lying around, waiting for their rightful owners to come back and get them.

Maybe you started a savings account a few years back and then forgot all about it. You could have placed a deposit in your utilities account and never used it. There are all kinds of ways you could have forgotten money lying around. So go through your financial history and see where you may have money left over. You can also check out for more insights into the money that is yours. 

2. Make Money as a Freelance Writer

If you can write at sixth-grade level, you have all the skills you need to start making money as a freelance writer. This is a valuable skill, because there is a huge demand for writers worldwide. Thousands of people are looking for good writers to produce content for their blogs, websites, sales videos and a host of other purposes.

The good news is that you can often get paid at least half of the money upfront - so you can start today and make money on your first day. Sign up with the big freelance marketplaces such as and They have tons of work available, and you can start making money right out the gate.

3. Get Cash Back

Check out - you are going to love it! This site is offering free money to new users...what could be better than that?

To get your share of the dosh, download the app and connect your credit and debit cards. Then use these wherever offers are available, and you will soon see cashback money piling up in your account. Then you can just withdraw the money straight into your regular bank account. Easy!

You also get $5 for every card you link to the app, plus an additional $10 for every friend you refer. So if you can get a few friends and family members on board, you can make cash real fast.

4. Get Paid to Take Surveys

There are lots of companies who are prepared to pay you to take surveys. They need to know what members of the public really think about their services, and they will pay good money to find out. 

You can sign up with services such as Survey Junkie and start making money right away. All you need to do is fill in a short form, giving the company your feedback. You get paid for every form you fill in. Payment can vary from a few dollars for a short, easy form to $50 or more for a more in-depth survey. The payments really add up if you do this for just a couple of hours a day.

5. Sell Your Junk

Without a doubt, the quickest way to raise money in a hurry is to sell stuff you don’t need anymore. If you spend an hour or two clearing out your attic, garage or basement, you are sure to find forgotten exercise machines, clothes that don’t fit you anymore and toys the kids have grown out of.

These can all be turned into hard cash, and getting rid of them will free up space in your home, too. You can just put a sign up in your yard and start a garage sale. Or you can list the items on eBay or on Craigslist. Whichever way you do it, you will end up with less clutter and more cash. 

6. Join Swagbucks

Sign up with Swagbucks and you could soon be in the money. You get rewarded for undertaking all kinds of actions that help out various companies. Better still, you get a $5 bonus just for signing up, so it’s worth getting on board. 

You can get paid to complete surveys through Swagbucks, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You also get cash back for online shopping, searching the web or watching videos. Each of these comes with a $5 bonus to get you started, so you can pick up some extra cash very easily. 

7. Walk Dogs for Cash

Here’s another quick cash generator. There are bound to be professionals in your area who need some help with pet care. If they are busy at work all day, they need someone to walk their dogs on a regular basis. And that person can be you.

If you can arrange to walk several dogs at the same time, you can really increase your income. And of course, you get some great exercise doing this, as well as making cash in hand. So get started today - go and knock on some doors in wealthy neighborhoods. You are sure to find people who would love to have someone take the dog-walking chore off their hands. 

8. Become a Proofreader

If you can read, then you can become a proofreader and make good money! With so much content being produced today, the demand for proofreading services is exploding. Sign up with a service such as Proofreading Services and you can expect to make good money for straightforward work. 

To get cash fast, look for jobs that pay at least some of the money upfront. Once you have some experience, you can raise your rates and increase your income. Reliable proofreaders are always in demand, so this is a great career option. 

9. Profit from the Nielsen App

Help out with research and get paid for easy work...that’s what’s on offer with the Nielson app. The company that tracks TV ratings also collects data on a whole range of other subjects. That includes Internet research, and this is where you come in. 

Nielsen will pay you $50 a year, just for keeping their app on your phone. As you surf the web, the app collects stats about your online usage and sends the data to Nielsen. Don’t worry, it’s all anonymized, so no-one knows what websites you are visiting. The app is designed so that it doesn’t slow down your phone, so there is no reason not to do this.

10. Get into Child Care

Here’s another easy way to generate cash in your local neighborhood. Look for busy parents who need help with looking after their children while they are at work. This is great if you have children will hardly notice having one or to extra people in your home - yet the extra cash can make a big difference.

This is a great way to make money fast, but you do need to check out the regulations in your neighborhood. You may need to be licensed, or to undergo a police check before you start. But it’s worth the effort, because you can make great extra money. 

11. Lower Your Bills

Have you ever discovered that you are still paying for a service you stopped using months ago? It’s so easy to waste money on things you don’t need anymore. Fortunately, you can fix this with the Ask Trim app. 

You just link your bank to the app, then it starts analyzing your spending. It may find subscriptions you need to cancel, negotiate your bills or find you better deals on car insurance...and a whole lot more. Within a short time, you can save $100 to spend on other things.

12. Make Money on Fiverr is a great site for earning cash. You can sell almost any kind of service on this very popular site and get paid good money for doing so. You just need to be creative about the kind of service you offer. 

People run Fiverr gigs for the most extraordinary things. You could get paid to sing ‘happy birthday’ in a funny voice or to distribute flyers in your area. There is no limit to the ways you can make money on this site. And as soon as you finish the job, Fiverr pays you instantly. 

13. Invest in Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin are really hot right now, and their price often shoots up dramatically in a single day. So if you invest in the right currency at the right time, you can make an absolute killing. 

Of course, there is always risks with investments, and you could lose money, too. But at least you won’t fare as badly as the guy from Wales who threw away his cryptocurrency wallet by mistake - an error that cost him over $75 million dollars! There is money in crypto if you look after your money carefully.

14. Tell Your Friends About Ibotta

Ibotta is a rewards program in the shape of an app. It specializes in helping you get cash back at grocery stores. It’s a great app that can help you save money and keep your every day shopping costs down to a minimum. 

But there’s more to Ibotta than that. You also get paid $10 for each new user that you refer. And if you refer just three new users, you will get credited with a whole $100. So this is definitely a good one to check out if you want to make $100 fast. 

15. Get $100 for Writing a List

Well, this one sounds just too easy. Write a list and get paid $ does that work? It works because of Listverse. This site specializes in articles that are based on lists of 10, and they are always looking for new ideas. 

All you have to do is put together your list idea and send it over. If they like, they will send you $100 by PayPal for the rights to publish it. You get your money right away, and you can do this as often as you want. 

16. Get up to $50 a Pop at Vindale

The guys over at Vindale Research are always looking for people to help with their consumer research projects. If you have some spare time, you can get paid good money to help out with all kinds of survey and other projects. 

You get an initial $2 just for signing up but that’s only the beginning. You can get paid up to $50 for easy work helping out with research initiatives. You get paid through PayPal, so you have access to your money right away. 

17. Cash in with eBates

eBates is one of the best-established rewards and cashback sites, so you know you are in good hands when you sign up. Because this is one of the biggest players in the market, they have a huge array of offers that may be of interest to you. 

You get a cool $10 just for signing up, and you can soon pile up a lot of extra cash credit in your account. You will be amazed at how much you can save on everyday items using an app like this. 

Start Today, Have Cash Tomorrow

We all know that the bird in the hand is worth so much more than the two in the bush. When you need cash fast, there is no point in looking at investment schemes and other plans that will bring you money next month or next year. You need cash in your hand right now!

Now you have all the information you need to make this happen.  All you have to do is get started. Pick the option that seems best for you and take the first step. Better still,  get two or three cash-generating ideas on the go. You will be surprised at how quickly the cash rolls in when you take action and get things done. 

Good luck!