Work as a Sales Development Representative

About Us

We are 2nd time SaaS founders. We created and grew to 3000 customers and a team of 55 (8 sales) over seven years. We sold the company to a private equity fund in 2018. In mid 2020, we acquired FlyData from its founder and are now growing its revenue to $1mm and beyond. Read our story here and more about our founder here.

About FlyData

FlyData is a SaaS product that helps engineering teams centralize their production databases to their data warehouse (Redshift, Snowflake). Teams with fast growing data need data warehouses for real time analytics. FlyData is the piping infrastructure that makes real-time movement to warehouses faster. Think of it as Zapier for databases.

FlyData is more than half way to a $1mm in revenue and has exciting customers such as, GoPuff App, and many more. We are also certified Amazon partners. Our CEO Raj is a sales whiz and has put some growth experiments in place, and we are now kicking off a structured sales process, which is where the first SDR comes in!

About The Role

As our first SDR, you will pair with Raj and kickoff a consistent and progressive outbound process to connect with our target market and get them to try FlyData. The SDR will specifically be responsible for:

  1. Setting up and sending outbound campaigns on email, LinkedIn and phone.
  2. Analyze what is working and what is not, and tweak follow-ups and target personas based on lessons learned.
  3. Utilize the tools in place such as Leadfeeder and G2 Crowd leads and run campaigns on those segments as well.
  4. Schedule demo calls from positive replies and qualify customers and/or guide to the free trial.
  5. Share lessons with peers and other SDRs to help them improve and mentor better team performance.

About You

  1. You are a high energy communicator that thrives on reaching out to folks and help them solve problems.
  2. You enjoy keeping score and love learning about the business beyond sales emails so you can have larger impact on our revenue efforts.
  3. You aspire to lead teams and be a mentor to others.
  4. You enjoy working remotely, and don't find zoom calls lonely 🙂
  5. Even if you are not super technical, you can understand problems that others have (i.e. engineers) and be interested in finding solutions.


We provide competitive pay, stock options and a chance to be part of the most global & innovative SaaS factory in the world. We all learn together and you will have an opportunity to work for our portfolio companies and grow across multiple organizations.

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