Write a Guest Post for GoFreelance

We are open to receiving high-quality guest posts from first-class writers who have something to say that is relevant to our audience.

We are actively looking for posts about travel and the digital-nomad lifestyle

Now Accepting Quality Guest Posts

Would you like to write for GoFreelance? We are currently accepting guest posts relating to the following topics:

  • Freelancing and remote jobs
  • ​Working from home or working remotely
  • Side hustles and extra income opportunities
  • ​Blogging and writing
  • Startups & entrepreneurship
  • Starting and running an online business
  • Digital marketing
  • The digital nomad lifestyle and travel blogging

Right now, we are most interested in receiving travel blog posts, featuring photos taken on your travels. Wherever you have been in the world, we would like to hear about it...send us your best stuff!

What We Do NOT Want

Please note that our standards are high, and we will not publish mediocre or irrelevant content. If you are looking for somewhere to distribute a 500-word post that you knocked out in less than an hour, you are in the wrong place.

We do NOT accept payment for guest post placements, and we will not publish:

  • Poorly-written content  
  • Posts that are irrelevant to our audience
  • Articles that do not meet out style guidelines
  • Posts that are not 100% original 
  • Content that has been published elsewhere

What We DO Want

We are open to the possibility of publishing well-written, in-depth content that is a good match with our main topics. To be considered, an article will need to be:

  • At least 1000 words in length  
  • Engaging and interesting
  • Easy to read and understand
  • Full of useful and actionable information  
  • Of real value to our readers

All articles must be written in accordance with our Style Guide for GoFreelance Writers. Substantial deviation from these standards will lead to immediate rejection of your work.

What You Will Get

We realize that the above requirements are tough, so we will do our best to make the effort worth your while.

You are free to include a do-follow link within your article, with any anchor text you choose (within reason). You can also include a second link in your author bio.

We are working hard to build GoFreelance into a high-authority blog in its main niches, so you will benefit from a link that grows in authority over time.

We will also promote your post, as detailed below, to get you maximum return on the time you have invested.

How to Submit a Guest Post

The best approach is contact us with an idea initially. We would prefer one suggestion with an outline of proposed content, rather than a laundry list of possible topics.

Browse through the content on GoFreelance to see where there are opportunities to add content on new topics, then do some research to see what related keywords have reasonable search volume. UberSuggest is a good free tool for keyword research.

Once we have given you the go ahead, proceed to write your original article in accordance with our writers’ guidelines.

Turnaround Time

We will normally publish acceptable articles within a few days of receiving them (typically with 24 hours), and will typically promote them as follows:

  • To our mailing list  
  • On social media
  • By linking from related blog posts 
  • ​On our Medium publication

Getting Started

Still here? That’s great...you’ve got what it takes to write for GoFreelance!

If you would like to write for us, just get in touch with your initial idea, and we’ll take things from there.