Write Articles for Affiliate Website (Buying Guides, Reviews, How-To Articles)

We own several affiliate websites in various niches (hardware, outdoors, home products, etc.).

We’re looking for writers to write engaging, informative, and helpful product buying guides, reviews, and educational content.

Here’s an example of what type of buying guide we’re referring to:

https://www.globosurfer.com/best-beginner-stand-paddle-boards/ (this is not our website)

For each article, we’ll give you a product type or topic. For example, “Best basketball hoops for teens”. From there, you’ll be responsible for:

  • Finding the best products for that category on Amazon.com (according to our criteria)
  • Researching the pain points/most important factors people consider when shopping for the product type.
  • Writing the buying guide (2,000 words)

Our Requirements:

  • English MUST be your native language (American, Canada or U.K. preferred)
  • You must have experience writing long-form buying guides, with a focus on conversions
  • You must proofread every article you submit
  • Ability to write in natural language (in other words, write the way real people speak, not robotic formal language) 
  • You must be able to research products on Amazon.com. We don’t just want to include the first 5 products that pop up on Amazon when you search. You need to dig a little deeper and make sure you’re recommending the best products, and be able to write about what separates them from the other products in the category.
  • Familiarity with SEO best practices

What we offer

  • We pay promptly. You’ll never have to worry about when you’ll be paid. We’ll assign you a set amount of articles per month, and once you submit them and we’ve reviewed them you’ll be paid ASAP via PayPal.
  • Work on your own schedule. We assign you articles at the beginning of each month and we’ll agree on a deadline. As long as you submit the content by the deadline, you can work whenever you want.
  • Consistent work. We own several sites, so as long as the quality of your content is good, we're happy to send you more work.

To apply, please complete the application below:


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