Write Script for Youtube Videos

Are you a skilled writer with the ability to write product reviews that emphasize the features that matter to consumers?

Are you able to conceive of highly structured reviews that flow logically, smoothly, and answer questions for readers of all knowledge levels, from novice to expert?

Would you like to see your writing used as the basis of a series of Youtube popular consumer software review videos?

Our Ideal Writer:

  • Is an excellent copywriter who is passionate about their work – you take pride in writing great copy that influences audiences and sells. You research thoroughly before writing, to understand the nuances of the project and write copy that resonates with the target market.
  • Is detail-oriented but also able to see The Bigger Picture. In this case, The Bigger Picture is quite literally that, as the scripts you write will be turned into Youtube videos. The successful candidate is one who writes with this in mind and is able to envisage how their writing will translate to video.
  • Can work with an editor, accept feedback and amend articles as needed
    • Articles very rarely need even 2 rounds of revision.
  • Get bonus points if they have experience with enterprise software products (tell us what products specifically in your application)

Our process is straightforward:

  • If hired, you will be onboarded onto our communications and PM systems
  • You'll receive your first Youtube script brief from a team member
  • After submitting your script, it will be magically transformed into a super engaging Youtube video!
  • You can submit payment requests as often as you want for completed work; most of our writers do so on an ongoing basis

Sound interesting? Great! Go ahead and fill out this questionnaire. It is very important that you begin your answer to the fourth question from the top with the word “Tubular” otherwise, your application will be ignored.

Thank you!

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